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Alicia TylerAlica Tyler is a former appliance technician for LG Corporation. She has 11 years experience working as Appliance Technician for LG company. Alicia holds a Bachelor of Technology Degrees in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Waterloo with over 9 scientific publications. She is a member of United Appliance Servicers Association. Alicia is here to help you get longevity out of your office and household appliances. Alicia overseeis the Install, service and repair of  various household appliances, such as washers, dryers, dishwashers and air conditioning units. She also writes and jokes about them a lot. You can also connect with her on Quora where she answers lots of question related to appliances.



Gwen Liberman


Gwen Liberman is the Editor-in-Chief of Wash Machine Info. He’s also a member of the Wash Machine Info review Board. He began working as a technician in 2002. As a licensed technician with United Appliance Servicers Association , he has examine customers’ appliances and identifying the cause of appliance breakdowns. Gwen holds a Bachelor’s  Degree in Electricial Engineering Technology from University of Phoenix. At Wash Machine Info, he is the head of content. He reviews every information that is published on the site for accuracy and aunthenticity. 


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