How to Balance a Top-Loading Washing Machine Drum

How to Balance a Top-Loading Washing Machine Drum

Have you had a top-loading washing machine for any length of time and noticed it has been shaking or vibrating when it was in use? If so, there is likely an unbalanced load inside.

This can cause damage to your clothes as well as wear out your appliance much faster than normal usage.

A top-loading machine requires balance so that it can work correctly and spin within the minimum time possible. If your top loader is out of balance, you will hear loud noises. Most importantly, find items on one side or another end up with more soap, dirt, or water than the rest.

Luckily, there are ways you can fix this issue by balancing the top-loading washer drum yourself.

Brief Introduction of Top-Loading Washing Machine

A top-loading washing machine works on the principle of using water pressure to push clothes through the tub and agitate them around for cleaning purposes. To do this, it uses either an electric motor or a gas motor.

The motors can be balanced by adding or removing weights. The machine can get unbalanced if one of the motor mounts breaks or comes loose.

The washing cycle process involves the drum shaking and vibrating while doing its job. Although this is normal, too much noise can mean that the machine has an unbalanced or a misalignment of the suspension system.

Balancing is necessary to provide sufficient stability, prevent excessive vibration or noise, and protect delicate fabrics from damage during washing cycles.

What Is a Drum of a Washing Machine?

A drum is a cylindrical container in a washing machine where clothes are placed for washing. A top-loading machine has a drum located at the top of the appliance, whereas front-loader machines have their drums inside them.

The drum has a counterweight at its bottom, which is used to balance out pressure on top due to clothes being loaded inside it. If this weight becomes defective, you will have to buy a new part and replace it.

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Reasons Why the Washing Machine Is Getting Out Of Balance

The main reason your washing machine is getting out of balance, and fortunately, one of the most straightforward solutions is an unbalanced load. A washer works by using the force of gravity to move water through a cycle.

When it comes to top-loading machine balance issues, several factors can cause this problem: 

  • Improperly loaded machine 
  • Incorrect or insufficient water level 
  • Washing heavy items with light ones, such as towels with t-shirts. Doing this can result in an unbalanced load if the heavier weight is not placed over the top of the lighter object. This causes one side to be weighed down more than another, causing it to spin at a different speed than the other side.
  • If it’s on an uneven floor or something isn’t adequately supported, such as a leg in one corner or side.
  • The load inside the drum has shifted or isn’t even.

What to Do if a Washer Is Off Balance during the Spin Cycle with Every Load?

It can be frustrating to use the washing machine when it’s off-balance during the spin cycle. If this issue continues for too long, your clothing can get damaged and cause water overflow from over-spinning. To resolve an unbalance in a top-loading washer, follow these steps:

  • Check the machine’s stability. Is it stable on all four feet? Are there any issues with the legs themselves, such that they are bent or uneven to cause balance issues?
  • If your machine is not secure and appropriately balanced, shim up one of its unleveled legs using a stack of coins, folded paper, or anything small and flat that will create an even surface for the leg. 
  • If you notice that it is still unbalanced after securing and repositioning your machine, then something else in the washer may be at fault. There may be an object stuck between two agitators (the parts with ridges on them). Another possibility for a cause is a torn or broken balance ring.
  • If you have ruled out the above possible causes, then your washer will need to be serviced by an appliance repair technician who can diagnose and fix this problem for you.

How to Balance a Washer That Vibrates Excessively?

If your washer vibrates excessively when in use, you may need to make some adjustments inside the unit. This will help keep the vibrations down and prevent damage to your flooring or other items around the appliance.

You could also try moving the washer away from any walls to allow for proper air circulation. This is important to ensure that the washer can spin freely without any interference.

Front-Load Washer Drum Tilted Back – What To Do?

If your front loader washer is starting to lean towards you as it spins, check and ensure there isn’t an unbalanced load. In addition, some detergents can cause this problem; therefore, try switching out some of the detergents you are using.


My washer is leaning back, springs are intact, quiet when empty – What could be the problem, and how to fix it?

Several reasons cause the washing machine to lean, but the most common is worn-out suspension springs. To balance the top-loading washing machine drum – replace both suspension springs with new ones. Putting one end of every spring on each rod and then connecting them using the plastic strap is recommended.

My washing machine drum is spinning, and it makes a loud banging noise. What could be the problem, and how to fix it be?

It could be that the clothes are not properly distributed in the washer. This can cause damage to your clothes and also give you an unpleasant experience when using it. To avoid this, distribute your clothing evenly before putting them into the appliance. Do not overfill your washer either.

To balance the top-loading washing machine drum, ensure that you are using a large enough load size for the appliance. Make smaller loads if possible until you find an optimal amount of clothing or bedding items in it for proper distribution during its spin cycle.

My LG washer tub is leaning backward, and the seal is crumpled- What could be the problem, and how to fix it?

This is a result of a broken balance ring assembly that has to be replaced. To replace your broken balance ring assembly. You need to remove all of its components. After that install them again into the new balance ring assembly piece that you have just purchased.

Why is the drum leaning back and hardly spinning?

The top-loading washing machine may have a broken belt, or the drum support rollers are worn out. It is because the front feet on your washer are too high, that they cause the entire unit to lean back and barely spin. If you notice that your clothes don’t seem as clean as they should be, the problem is probably that your drum isn’t spinning and agitating correctly.


An easy way to prolong the life of your washing machine is by balancing it. If you find that large items are being thrown out and damaged in the wash, this could be a sign that something isn’t quite right with your washer. Balancing it will help prevent scenarios like excessive vibration and damage over time.

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