Best Small Flats Tumble Dryers

Best Small Flats Tumble Dryers [6 Dryers So Nice You’ll Buy ‘Em Again]

I spent $450 on a Kenmore tumbler dryer thinking it is the best small flat tumbler dryer. A few

days later, it left small linear scorch

marks on my sheets, clothes got hooked on the inside, and some burnt.

The company wouldn’t offer me a refund. That’s when it hit me that there isn’t reliable information about how to buy a reliable small flats tumbler dryer. 

I took things into my own hands and tried all the leading brands to find out the best dryer worth the money. My best small flats tumbler dryer is the Bosch 500 Series WTG86401UC. My electricity use has dropped and we’ve saved close to $600 in less than four years. Did I also forget to mention that it dries the air that contacts the clothes, not just heat? You would be put off by so many reviews saying Bosch 500 Series WTG86401UC doesn’t dry items. Honestly, you never know if the person posting a review is a dimwit who used the wrong setting though.

Our Top Picks for the Best Small Flats Tumble Dryers

  • Best Overall: Bosch 500 Series WTG86401UC
  • Runners Up: Miele TWi180WP
  • Best Vented Dryer: Samsung DV22K6800EW
  • Best Budget: LG DLEC888W
  • Best Energy Saver: Blomberg DHP24412W
  • Best Portable: Hotpoint V4D01P

#1. Bosch 500 Series WTG86401UC- Best Overall 

Bosch is collectively known to manufacture solid and efficient machines accompanied by effective customer care. 

The company has three different models of compact tumble dryers: the 300, 500, and 800 series. 

The Bosch 500 series tops our list because of its attractive features and efficiency. Contrary to its predecessor, this model comes with a reversible dryer door, a feature that I believe is its greatest selling point. 

With a reversible door, you can place or remove your clothes from different angles, and this improves convenience.

Another great feature is its high energy efficiency. It is more economical than a conventional dryer and is even rated A++ due to the way it recycles the air it heats. This comes as a great advantage since you will spend less on electricity bills.

Additionally, this machine hardly releases any noise while it runs, making it ideal for apartments or for those who prefer storing their dryer in the kitchen. 

On the downside, the Bosch 500 series tumble dryer lacks a child lock; hence may be dangerous for households with babies. 

Also, because it is a ventless dryer, it takes way longer to dry laundry than expected. This may seem like a huge drawback to many consumers.


  • Has a reversible dryer door
  • Features 12 pre-programmed cycles
  • Easy to load and unload


  • Lacks a child lock
Our Experience The Bosch 500 series dryer has a unique airflow

and it seems to dry our clothes fast.  When we went to look at the machines with my hubby, they all looked cheap except for the Bosch ones.We noticed others had cheap door catches, horrible cheap loose dials, and the door hinges flexed. Bosch 500 series dryers were the only ones solid. One neat feature is that it saves energy. Bosch is a popular mainstream mid-market appliance producer, which means parts are available if anything goes wrong. If you can’t repair it, there are plenty of people who worked on those machines who will service them.

#2. Miele TWi180WP- Runners Up

Miele is interestingly a high-end manufacturer that focuses on an eco-friendly approach to washing and drying clothes. It is, therefore, by no surprise that this Miele tumble dryer model bagged the second position on our list.

One unique and exciting feature of this dryer is the FragranceDos, a fabric softener it releases that leaves your clothes smelling fresh and looking fluffy. 

When using the Miele heat pump dryer, you don’t need a dryer vent, implying that your only task is plugging it in. This increases convenience for people who lack traditional dryer hookups.

With this masterpiece, you will never run out of drying options. From denim to spot wear, Miele has ensured that typically every family member is covered. 

You also have the option of adjusting your drying times in additional 10 minutes intervals while selecting extra settings such as gentle, buzzer, and anti-crease.

You don’t need to be a machine technician to operate this tumble dryer. Simply choose the program you need to run and complete your settings by pressing the up and down arrows on the display screen.

However, if you have large amounts of laundry to do at a time, this dryer may not be the most ideal for you. Due to its compact size, it can only hold a few clothes at a go. 

  • Uses a great heat pump technology
  • Provide a steam finish option for easy ironing
  • Provides different Miele fragrances
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Can only dry small loads at a time
Our Experience Miele TWi80wp gets the job done with minimal energy. I’ve had other Miele products such as dishwashers and they have worked great. Our team ran the dryer and noticed the huge power consumption.  Best of all, it doesn’t add any unnecessary emissions

to the environment. We checked the specification but we decided that we didn’t need the added features like the FragranceDOs and we could not justify the extra cost of these features.

We just wanted a reliable dryer that’s a workhorse and dries clothes fast. The Bosch we bought dries clothes 6 times a week. It will be interesting to see if it can last the 20 years that Miele claims their machines are designed to run for.

#3. Samsung DV22K6800EW- Best Vented Dryer

The Samsung DV22K6800EW front-loading machine ranks the best among vented dryers on this list due to its numerous attractive features.

The first unique feature of this machine is the sensor dry mechanism that automatically optimizes the temperature and time your laundry takes to dry, thus preventing heat damage.

Another advantage of the Samsung front loader dryer is its smart care feature which allows you to efficiently operate the dryer (and its washer counterpart) through your smartphone, thus increasing convenience. 

If you keep misplacing your socks or other tiny laundry pieces during washing and drying, worry not because this Samsung series solves that. The internal drum light shines brightly on your laundry and other inner areas and will spot any missing item. 

With 12 different preset drying cycles, this vented dryer can accommodate every type of laundry, from your bedsheets to gym wear.

The reversible door is also an added advantage since you can easily open and operate your machine from different angles. 

The greatest drawback of the Samsung DV22K6800EW lies in its durability. Most consumers have complained of its heating element becomes faulty after a few months of operation. The bells and whistles also seem unnecessary since they do not add any functional value.


  • Has a sensor dry function
  • Easy to load and unload
  • Flexible opening thanks to the reversible door
  • Has an internal drum light


  • Multiple complaints on durability

#4. LG DLEC888W-Best Budget

If you are looking for a small flat tumble dryer that will completely and efficiently dry your clothes without worrying about time, the LG DLEC888W is for you. 

Even though it may not be the fastest dryer on the list, it sure does a good job and has consistent cycle times. We would actually advise you to go for a machine with moderate drying time but with consistent cycles and not the other way around.

With its affordable price, one would think that LG lacks many features available on pricier machines. This is far from the truth since the dryer boasts multiple features with very easy-to-use controls. It offers 14 different drying cycles, ranking it among the top machines in the list with numerous cycles.

If you fear operating some machines because they look technical, this LG dryer is an exception. It comes with the most receptive buttons and standard cycles that are very easy to read and understand. 

Also, with a carrying capacity of 4 cubic feet, the LG DLEC888W is considered to hold more laundry than a regular compact condensing dryer.

Despite all these wonderful features, the LG dryer may not be ideal for those looking for a fast-drying machine. You may also have to incur more costs on electricity bills since this ventless dryer releases much heat, thus spending more energy.


  • A sensor dry feature14 drying programs
  • Rust-free stainless steel drum
  • Spacious with 4.2 cubic ft. capacity
  • Consistent drying times


Takes a
  • long to fully dry
  • Generates a lot of heat

#5 Blomberg DHP24412W- Best Energy Saver

The Blomberg DHP24412W is another compact tumble dryer ideal for apartment living in the country. 

The greatest advantage this tumble dryer has over its competitors is its heat pump technology which makes it save more than 50% of energy compared to other electric condenser dyers. If you wish to cut down on electricity bills, this is the machine for you.

Apart from its high energy efficiency, Blomberg DHP24412W boasts of 16 different cycles, giving you a variety of programs to choose from.

With its 4.1 cubic ft. capacity, this tumble dryer can comfortably fit up to 13 towels in one session. Most compact tumble dryers have a smaller carrying capacity that would require you to load the dryer numerous times. This is not the case for Blomberg DHP24412W.

If you have babies and other members of your family with allergies, the baby sanitize cycle feature will come in handy. It will gently sanitize their clothes, leaving everyone safe.

The machine also comes with a strong door and large opening that allows you to easily move the clothes. However, this sturdy door may sometimes be difficult to open and cause inconveniences to users, especially beginners.

Another downside of the Blomberg DHP24412W tumble dryer is that it may take much longer to dry clothes than regular condenser dryers.


  • Interior drum light
  • Uses heat pump to dry clothes which saves more electricity16 different cycle programs
  • Easy to use with no confusing modes or features
Cons The door
  • is difficult to open
  • Takes longer to dry

#6 Hotpoint V4D01P- Best Portable

The Hotpoint V4D01P is an ideal tumble dryer for those short in space but who still want to own a dryer. The vented dryer is about two-thirds the size of an ordinary dryer, making it work well even in the tiniest apartments.

With its 4kg drying capacity, V4D01P can comfortably fit twelve shirts or three entire outfits in one session. 

The Hotpoint V4D01P also boasts of anti-walk pads that minimize noise and vibrations, allowing it to operate smoothly and as quietly as possible in your apartment.

With 13 specialized programs, the vented dryer can handle any clothing for your family.

The portable dryer also has a 20-minute refresh program that uses cool air to refresh clothes worn once or recently removed from storage.

Since it is designed to care for your clothes, this vented tumble dryer uses a reverse tumble action to lower creasing, thus making your ironing experience smoother. 

The greatest complaint with the Hotpoint V4D01P tumble dryer is the length of its hose, with most consumers suggesting that it should be increased and its grip strengthened.


  • Fits almost everywhere
  • Easy to install
  • Does not release noise or vibration
  • Reverse tumble action that minimizes creasing


Lacks an instruction manual The hose
  • is quite short

Best Small Flats Tumble Dryer Buying Guide

If you live in a small apartment, your top priority when looking for a tumble dryer would likely be the size for convenience. 

However, these compact tumble dryers should bring more to the table than just their size.

Let’s look at some of the additional factors you should consider when choosing a tumble dryer for your small flat.

Condenser vs. Vented vs. Heat pump Tumble Dryer

You will often hear the terms “condenser,” “vented,” and heat pump” whenever you are sourcing for a tumble dryer.

These terms stand for the different tumble dryers available in the market. 

Let me break them down for you in detail:

Vented Tumble Dryers: These are the most common dryers today. They release water from the dryer via a hose connected to the machine, which then “vents” the water outside your apartment. They are best installed next to a window or outside wall to enable the hose to reach outside.

Condenser Tumble Dryers: These dryers release water through a container often called a reservoir located within the dryer. The moment the reservoir is full, you will manually empty it. The advantage of this model is that it can be placed anywhere within the house as opposed to the vented ones.

Heat Pump Tumble Dryers: These are basically models of condenser dryers. They dry your clothes by passing hot air via the drum through a heat pump technology. 

The hot/warm air is then cooled for condensation, then reheated and recycled within your dryer, making them the most energy-efficient tumble dryers.


If you live in a shared building, you will want to consider your tumble dryer’s noise levels to avoid causing unnecessary disturbances as much as possible.

Loud tumble dryers may create problems with the property management team and even be inconvenient to your household if you have small children or the elderly.

When choosing a tumble dryer for your small flat, aim for one with noise levels of less than 65 decibels. 

You could also go for those dryers with anti-vibration features and thick insulation, as these reduce the noise they produce.

Weight and dimension

Your dryer’s weight and dimension play a significant role in its portability. 

As a flat dweller, you understand how limited your space is, and will therefore need to save on as much working space as possible.

Some people prefer mounting their machines on the wall to save space, but this will only be achieved effectively if the dryer is light in weight.

Most compact dryers weigh between 20 to 35kg, which may be on the heavier side but not impossible to maneuver around.

Whichever tumble dryer you go for, ensure that it is portable and can be transferred easily from one location to another.

Sensor technology

Whether you select a standard-size dryer or a compact one, its energy-saving mechanisms should not be compromised.

Even though most tumble dryers are not generally energy-efficient, the automatic sensor mechanism dramatically helps with this situation.

A tumble dryer with an automatic sensor detects the moisture levels within the dryer and stops it from running when the clothes become dry, which in turn saves you electricity and time.

Drum Size

As much as you need a small-sized tumble dryer for your tiny flat, the size of its drum primarily matters.

Tumble dryers come in different ranges of sizes, with varying carrying capacities. Most of their drums can comfortably fit laundry weighing 3-8 kg per drying session.

A tumble dryer with a smaller drum size will dry laundry at a smaller pace, thus using more energy. Since this is unavoidable, selecting a more environmentally friendly compact dryer will make its drum size feel less important.

Pro tip: Choose dryers with stainless steel drums since they will prevent your clothes from snuggling while drying.


As a small apartment dweller, having different washers and dryer sets may increase inconvenience and eat up more space.

Investing in a 2-in-1 washer and dryer set would be the best ideal solution. The washer-dryer set combines both a washing machine and a tumble dryer into one appliance, saving you more space while doing both tasks. 

The only downside of a washer-dryer set would be the dryer’s effectiveness in drying. It may take a longer time than a single tumble dryer to dry larger loads of clothes. 

However, if you are not worried about the longer drying time or do have to dry large loads, the washer-dryer set may be the best selection.

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Front Loading Vs. Top Loading

Your tumble dryer will only load clothes in two different ways; front load or top load.

Front-loaders add or remove clothes from the front and are ideal for washing larger clothes and items like pillows since they fully immerse them in the water. Most front-loading dryers come in fewer options and features compared to their top-loading counterparts.

Top loaders are traditionally more popular than front loaders, and allow you to load or remove your clothes from the dryer’s top. These dryers are more convenient and easy to use since you do not have to bend over when loading and offloading clothes. 

When tight on a budget, top-loading compact dryers are the most suitable since they come with multiple features at affordable prices.

Integrated or Free Standing Fitting

The fitting and installation needs of your dryer will depend on its type.

An integrated dryer will properly fit in your desired storage room and may be hidden behind similar cabinet doors. The only downside to this storage occurs when you need to repair the dryer since you may have to destroy your kitchen’s layout.

On the other hand, a free-standing tumble dryer is more flexible since you can position it below any countertop if it is a front loader. Even for a top loader, you may still move it around and fix any repairs easily when required. 

Best Small Flats Tumble Dryer FAQs

  1. What size is a standard tumble dryer?

Generally, standard tumble dryers measure H85cm by W60cm by D60cm. The width and height are standard across all models, while the depth varies depending on the drum’s size.

  1. What size is the smallest tumble dryer?

The smallest tumble dryer has a maximum laundry capacity of 2.5 kg. Hotpoint V4D01P is the smallest dryer in our list, measuring H67cm x W48cm x D49cm.

  1. How much space is needed around a condenser dryer

You will require around 4-5cm of free space around your condenser dryer if the installation space is tight or if close to a different appliance.

  1. Where is the best place to store your tumble dryer?

A tumble dryer is best positioned near your washer in a room with a minimum temperature of 10 degrees Celsius.

While you may install your condenser dryer anywhere in the house, a vented dryer should be positioned close to the window or door for air transfer out of your flat.

Note that heat pump dryers should not be stored outside your apartment since they cannot work efficiently in environments with temperatures lower than 5 degrees.

  1. Should I buy a condenser tumble dryer?

The simple answer is Yes!

Condenser dryers are more convenient, occupy less space, and are more practical than vented dryers. Despite their higher price, they are more energy-efficient and last longer. 

  1. How often should I empty my condenser tumble dryer?

This depends on how frequently you use the dryer. Generally, you will need to empty it after 2-3 loads.

     7. What size is an apartment-size dryer?

Knowing the size of your dryer is crucial in determining whether it will perfectly fit in your space. A suitable size prevents unnecessary returns and replacements. And these increase the user experience. Whereas a full-size drier is mostly 27 inches wide with an overall width of 24 inches. With this size, their drying capacity is not greatly affected since they can fit as much as 4 cubic feet compared to a full-size washer’s 4.5 cubic feet.

Our Top Choice for the Best Small Flats Tumble Dryers

Living in a small flat should not hinder you from utilizing the services of a tumble dryer, especially during the US cold winters. 

However small your space is, there is sure a specific tumbler dryer designed for it. 

From our extensive research and positive customer reviews, we are sure beyond any reasonable doubt that Bosch 500 Series WTG86401UC deserves our first selection as the best overall tumble dryer for your small flat. 

As a heat pump dryer, the Bosch pump series recycles and reheats its air to dry clothes, saving you more energy. This will significantly save you from paying high electricity bills. The tumble dryer also comes with 15 different drying cycles. With this, you are assured that every type of laundry you own is catered for.

The dryer’s reversible door is another great advantage that made it earn our first position. This type of door greatly increases convenience in your small flat since you can access your laundry from different angles.

However, if the Bosch 500 Series WTG86401UC is still quite big for your small apartment, you could consider settling for Hotpoint V4D01P. At only 19kgs, this tumble dryer will fit even in the smallest US apartments. You could also mount it on the wall to save more space.

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