Bosch Washer Error Code E13: A Troubleshooting Guide

Bosch Washer Error Code E13: A Troubleshooting Guide

I once had a Bosch 500 series washer that gave me Bosch washer error code E13. The code E13 on the Bosch washer deals with pump and drainage issues. I used to clean the little trap in front of the pump, which helped. While at it, I noticed that the drain hose at the back had lots of mineral/crud build-up.

Ever had such an issue with your Bosch  500 series washer machine? The good news is I am an appliance technician, and I know how you can fix it. The first thing is diagnosing the cause of the problems. Sometimes, the problem may be the control board and not the drain filter. Before we fix it, let me educate you on a few things.

What does E13 Mean on Bosch Washing Machine?

The E13 code means the Bosch washer can’t drain the water and spin because of a pump blockage. The pump can have debris and dirt inside, or its discharge line is blocked with dirt or debris. In most cases, the pump filter is usually clogged. If this is the case, your washer will display the E13 code. 

The lack of draining can also be caused by a faulty pressure switch, faulty drain pump, faulty control unit, or a transmission belt failure. That said, there’s a whole list of possibilities. Before you go ahead and fix the issues, you need to know if it’s a minor issue or not. You do that by resetting the Bosch washer. Here is how you can reset the Bosch error code:

Step 1: Turn off the bosch washing machine at the power source and remove the plug

Step 2: Wait for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Connect the Bosch washer back.

If code E 13 were a temporary issue, the code would disappear. If the error still occurs after resetting, you may need to go through the next section and learn how to clear it. Here are other error codes that you may want to learn about.

How Do You Clear the Error Code on Bosch Washing Machine?

Inspect the Drain Filter/Hose for Debris or Dirt

You don’t need the service of a technician to check this. You’ll find the drain filter at the back of the Bosch Washer. It has a panel cover, and you’ll need to remove it to access the drain filter. Check the filter if it has dirt or debris. Clean it by running it through the washer and putting it back.

Inspect the Drain hose for damage or bent

The drain hose is found at the back of the washer. You need to see if it’s bent or damaged in a way that can interfere with water flow. If the drain is installed incorrectly, it can cause siphoning of water leading to water being forced back into the washer by air and water pressure. Anytime you are working on the drain hose, ensure you have a bucket and towel to collect the water.

Here you’ll need to turn off the water. Remove the drain hose from the drain and remove any clogs inside. Use white vinegar to clear the debris from the hose. Yuck and mess will come out during the cleaning process. Along with that, ensure you pass the water to clean out any mess you see. Once you finish, you need to reset the Bosch washer. The error should be clear.

What if the code doesn’t clear

You have done everything, but the code isn’t clear. If this happens, here are other things that you need to look at seriously:

The Control Board (CCU)

Any faulty part of the control board will cause the washer to misbehave. Here you need to check if the board is faulty in some way. The solution here is to replace the board or call a service technician to repair it.

The Drain Pump

Sometimes accessing the drain pump is a challenge if you are not a technician. You can get a technician to help you with it. If you want to do it yourself, here are the instructions you need to follow:

Step 1: Drain the water

Step 2: Remove the drum to access the pump. The pump is located under the drum near the bottom.

Step 3: Remove the drum to access the pump. The pump is located under the drum near the bottom.

Step 4: Disconnect the pump wires and remove the hose clamp from the pump. Turn the pump counterclockwise to remove it.

Step 5: Install the new pump filter by turning it clockwise and everything in reverse

Step 6: Run on an empty rinse cycle to ensure the error is cleared, and the washer is working okay.

Inspect the Transmission Belt

An E13 fault code indicated that the washer’s transmission belt was not working. This is caused due wear and tear. In layman’s terms, the washer doesn’t spin at its maximum speed, causing Error 13 to show up. Here’s how to confirm it.

1 unplug the washer from its main power supply

2. Remove the washer’s back cover and inspect to see the belt if it’s worn out or jumping

3. Remove the old and worn-out belt and replace it with a new one. Thread the new one through the pulleys and drum pulleys.

4. Move the pulley to distribute the belt and make it tighter evenly.


You have a detailed overview of what you can do to fix the Bosch washer error code E13. The only challenge here is accessing the drain hose and repairing the control board. If you are unable, you can always consult a technician in your area to assist you. 

The quickest way to fix the control board is to replace it with another one. I hope the suggestions I shared with you were helpful. Let me know if you still receive the same error in the comment below.

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