Electrolux Washer Code E21

Electrolux Washer Code E21: [Tested Solution]

Imagine pouring time, money, and energy into fixing an Electrolux Washer Code E21, only to be met with the same error, again and again. You feel stuck, right?

Well, fear no more. I’ve walked in those shoes, faced that frustration, and finally found the solution.  As it turns out, the culprit was the tub-to-pump hose, clogged and hidden. Following my straightforward guide, you’ll uncover this sneaky problem and put an end to the Code E21 headache once and for all.

My experience with Electrolux Washer Code E21

Fixing Electrolux code washer E21 is tedious. 

And here’s why?

I spent $79.95 on the drain pump, checked the drain hose for clogs, $186.75 on the UI board assembly, and $200.84 on the main board assembly. 

The sad part? 

I was still getting Electrolux washer error code E21.

In fact:

I referred to test 3 in my tech data sheets to troubleshoot and diagnose the Electrolux washer. 

At this point, I was almost giving up because I wasn’t sure what to do except call a repairman, which I wanted to avoid.

As it turns out, there were clogs in the tub to the pump hose.

(A short black horse connecting to the drain pump). 

I couldn’t help but ask myself: 

Why have I never thought of checking the tub to pump the hose this all time?

I found articles of clothes stuck there and its filter covered with lint. I cleaned it, and the washer didn’t flush the Electrolux washer error code E21.

And in this article, I’ll recommend you follow my troubleshooting guide to fix code E21.

(Step by step).

What Does E21 Mean on My Electrolux Washing Machine?

E21 error code on the Electrolux washer means drain system error. 

To be clear:

Water is not draining out of the tub fast. 

And here’s how all this happens in a nutshell:

The washer beeps twice, the tub stops spinning, and then the washer flushes code E21. 

No washing will continue until you have fixed the code E21. And the tell signs that I had a drain system error are:  

  • Wet laundry at the end of the cycle.
  • An unpleasant smell coming from the Electrolux washer
  • Water floods in the chambers of the Electrolux washer.

Before diagnosing the Electrolux washer, I wanted to confirm whether I have a genuine issue or a false alarm.


As a technician who has fixed Electrolux errors before, I can tell you one simple fact: 

Most washers (including Electrolux) flush false errors from time to time due to malfunctions. And RESETTING is the only way to correct most of those errors. 

Here’s what I did to reset my Electrolux washer:

  • Unplug the Electrolux washer from the power and waterline outlet.
  • Leave the Electrolux washer for 15 minutes to try and get rid of any Electrolux charge holding it.
  • Plug back the Electrolux washer and run a small cycle.


If the Electrolux washer flushes the E21 error code, make a proper diagnosis to fix the issues. Alternatively, if you decide to buy a new washer then it’s time to get face-to-face with the Rolls Royce of washing machines.

How Do You Fix An E21 Error on An Electrolux Washing Machine?

As I said before fixing washer code E21 is not easy. And I would recommend you follow my diagnostic guide to fix it. 


Confirm if the washer’s drain line is the problem. And that’s where doing this simple diagnosing test comes in.

Run the Electrolux washer through a drain cycle and pay attention to the washer as it pumps water into the hoses and standpipe. 

Do you see water flowing up and out of the standpipe? 

If that’s the case, then your drain pipe needs serious attention.


The time it takes for the standpipe to fill and overflow tells you the location of the clogs. Here’s what the timestamp means:

  • In a few seconds- the pipe fills up and overflows within seconds. The clog is near the standpipe’s surface or close to the hose.
  • Thirty seconds to a minute- The clog is deeper in the drainpipe systems. You’ll require a long drain snake to reach the pipe and free the clog.
  • In more than 60 seconds- you have a severe blockage. You need a plumber to inspect your home’s secure line.

Depending on the nature of the issues, check the respective parts in the following order to find out where the problem lies. Let’s begin with the first part.

The Drain Hose

The Drain Hose of Washing Machine

The drain hose can interfere with the drainage system and trigger the E21 error code. And it is possible in three ways:

  • Clogs in the drain hose
  • Wrong position of the drain hose
  • When the hose is bent.

Check all these three issues if you want to solve the E21 error code.

Begin with ensuring the drain hose is in the right position. It should be twenty-five to thirty-one inches above the ground, which is the recommended drainage option. 

Otherwise, you’ll experience water siphoning and drain system errors. The ideal drainage position allows the constant flow of water into the Electrolux washer tub. 

Check and confirm that your hose has the correct position. 

With that out of the way, it’s time to:

Check the Drain Hose for Clogs

Move the washing machine 2 feet away from the wall. 

But first a warning:

Ensure you have disconnected it from the electric outlet and the washer valves are off.

Place an old towel on the floor. Unscrew the drain hose from the Electrolux washer and water noodles. Water will come out, so have a bucket to hold any excess water.

Put the drain hose in a sink and then insert a drain snake to unblock and remove any clogs in the drain hose. 

(I was so skeptical about whether it would do the job. It’s been five years and the drain snake does a good job of removing HARD-TO-REACH clogs).

Five minutes later, soak the drain hose in warm vinegar water for two to three minutes. Then open the slot that holds the lint screen and scrub it using an old toothbrush to the lint. 

To prevent future blockage, you can place a lint catcher like this one inside your hose.


Pass the water into the hoses from your tap to clear other clogs or dirt stuck inside.

Insert a 3-foot-long wooden dowel into the drain hose to remove any trapped debris remaining. Do it on both sides of the hose.

Finally, put the valves and hoses back into the Electrolux washer and test your machine again.


If your drain hose is bent, correct it. And if there’s any fault, replace the drain hose and water inlet valves. 


The drain and inlet hoses are connected with spring clamps. Use a pair of pliers to squeeze the pump off.

The Drain Filter

The Drain Filter of Washing Machine

A dirty or clogged filter can trigger an E21 error code on your Electrolux washer.

Therefore, check the filter for debris and dirt. Here’s what you need to clean the filter.

  • Locate the Electrolux washer’s filter once you have found it, and set up a towel and basin to collect the extra water.
  • Remove the filter and wipe it with a cloth to remove lint and debris. Then you’ll have to scrub it.
  • Fill the basin with hot or lukewarm water. Add a capful of liquid detergent like Affresh and then soak the filter for 10 minutes. After that, scrub the filter with a brush until it is clean with no gunk.
  • Clean the filter area to remove excess lint and hide debris.

When the filter is clean, dry it, and put it back in the Electrolux washer. Then you can run the washer.

The Drain Pump

The Drain Pump of Washing Machine

Behind the Electrolux washer, you’ll find the drain pump. 

And the purpose is to pump and drain water. The drain pump triggers Electrolux washed error code E21 in two ways:

  • A mechanical failure (where it has foreign objects stuck in the pump).
  • An electrical failure (where you have a faulty connection, terminals, or even damage to the impeller).

Either way, you’ll have to look at these individuals to confirm any suspicion.

If you hear the pump working, it sounds like it’s overworking. Then you have something stuck like a piece of clothing. 

Before operating the drain pump, ensure that the Electrolux washer is off. Otherwise, you may be electrocuted. To remedy this, follow the instructions below:

  • Remove the Electrolux washer back panel to access the pump. (Use the screws to do that.
  • Inspect the power supply input to the drain pump. According to the tech sheet I have, it should be 120 VAC. Anything less than 120 VAC means you need to check the wire connectors.
  • Check the resistance of the drain pump. And Measure the main board connector between J4-3 and J4-4 using a multimeter. The reading will be between 13 Q and 16 Q.
  • If any part is defective, you’ll have to buy one and replace it. Now that the electrical part is taken care of let’s look at the mechanical part.
  • Remove the belt off the drain pump flywheel using your finger and turn it slowly.
  • If it fails to turn, it means something is blocking it. You’ll have to dig down the drain outlet to see if you have articles of cloth blocking the impeller.
  • Next, use the other hand to turn the flywheel. Use a flashlight to see if you have clothes stuck or broken pieces.
  • Finally, remove any dirt or debris. If the pump or any part is broken, you’ll have to do a replacement.

Tub to Pump Hose

As it turns out, I got an Electrolux washer code E21 because my tub-to-pump hose had clogged. I went on checking the wrong parts and paid $467.50. That’s enough money to buy a used washer. I have uploaded a video below that you can follow.

The house has flexible bellows to allow expansion and contractions. The tub-to-pump hose carries water from the tub to the drain pump. Specifically to empty the used water from the tub. If your tub-to-pump hose is damaged like mine, you can get a new one from here.

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