FE Error Code on LG Washer

LG Washer Error Code FE

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My LG washer flooded the other day. It displayed the FE error code on the screen. We kept hearing the water running but the machine stopped washing and spinning.

We had to shut the water input valves otherwise it could have flooded the laundry room. After scouring the internet for a solution. That’s when I realized that there is no great information on how to fix the LG washer error code FE. 

I decided to take things into my own hands to fix them. Follow along to see how I fixed this error.

What Does FE Error Mean?

The error code means that the LG washer is overflowing with water. In other words, you’ll hear the water running but it won’t stop filling. 

This causes the drum to overflow with water. If the situation continues you may have the laundry room flooded. And God knows the damage the water can cause on the floor, electric wires, and nearby objects. The cause of this error is:

  • Faulty water inlet
  • Failed water pressure
  • Damaged water pressure switch tube

The sad news, you can’t repair these parts. You’ll have to buy new parts to replace the old ones.

Note: Last year I spent $300 buying different parts that looked perfect on Amazon. After a few weeks, the materials started reaping apart and the repair company couldn’t offer a refund. That’s when it hit me that some company stock used LG parts. I decided to try this site. We ordered the parts. The transaction was seamless and we got the LG washing machine parts. My husband took 30 minutes to install it. The new part alone was less than a service call would have been to mention the time sitting waiting for a technician to come.

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What Causes LG Washer Error Code FE?

When the machine displays an FE error code, it’s experiencing a filling error. In other words, the water is overflowing and it can’t stop. The first thing to do is to shut off the washing machine and disconnect from the power supply.

Second, you’ll have to shut off the water supply to prevent water from overflowing. Too much water with soap can spill on the floor and make you fall. Before we dive in and know the causes of the error in detail. There are safety precautions that you need to know.

Precautions #1: Get rid of excess water that may have flooded the laundry room. Excess water can make the floor slippery causing accidents.

Precautions #2:  Disconnect water and power supply from their main sources. 

Taking the above risk will help you reduce the chances of risk injury and electrocution. Let’s dig deeper into these sections.

Faulty Water Inlet Valve

Water valves control the flow of water into the LG washing machine. It’s located at the rear of the LG washer. The water supply hose connects to the water inlet valve to direct water into the drum of the LG machine.

In other words, the water inlet valve is the first point of contact when the water gets into the machine. When a wash program starts, the water inlet valve allows water into the drum. When the water reaches the target level, the valve shuts to prevent excess water from flowing.

The FE error occurs when the valve either has

  • Electrical failure
  • Mechanical failure

An electrical failure means the valve doesn’t receive signals from the washer to close. That means the valve remains open to allow excess water into the drum which triggers the FE error code.

The buildup of debris, minerals, or dirt causes mechanical failure. And that prevents the valve from closing. That said, a damaged water valve won’t clean your linen.

Faulty Pressure Switch

The water pressure switch serves one purpose. Tell the LG washer how much water you have inside the drum. The switch senses water pressure levels using the switch tube. 

The water pressure switch stops water from flowing inside the drum when the water level is at its peak.  The FE error occurs when the switch pressure is faulty because of wear and tear. If you have used your washer for a long time, that’s going to happen. 

A faulty pressure switch means the switch cannot sense how much water the drum has. That means the water will continue to overflow because it thinks the drum is empty at half full.

Clogged or Damaged Switch Tube

The water pressure sensor switch has tubes that let water into the drum. Overflow means the water pressure sensor is okay but the tubes have clogs or damage. Clogged or damaged tubes make the LG washer overfill with water and trigger an error FE.

Faulty Wiring Between the Control Board & Pressure Switch

Sometimes they can be a big problem between the controller board and the pressure switch. Broken connections or rubbed wires are always the cause for this. You’ll likely see washing machines displaying the error code FE when washing or rinsing.

How Do I Fix FE Error Code on LG Washer?

The first thing you need to do is reset the LG error. This way, you’ll get rid of any electronic board failure and reset the error. Here’s the process of resetting the LG washer.

Step 1: Shut off the power supply to the LG washer. That involves removing the plug from the socket. Then you need to turn off any circuit breaker connected to it.

Step 2: Hold the start/pause button for five seconds

Step 3: Release the start/pause button. Finally, plug the washer and start the washing again.

If you are still having the issues. Here’s how you’re going to fix the problems.

Solution #1: Fixing the water inlet valve

Access the water inlet valve by removing the necessary panel on the side of the washer. Next, disconnect the electrical connector attached to them by unthreading the screws. 

Since you can’t repair the water valve inlet, get a new one from here. Then mount it in the exact place as the previous one.

Note: When I ordered from them, my order and shipment were amazing and simple. It got my LG washing machine up and running in no time. Most importantly, it kept my husband and nanny happy too. A replacement was simple.

Solution #2: Fixing a Faulty Pressure Switch

Fixing the pressure switch also needs a replacement. You’ll have to find the switch located at the top of the washer. Here are the steps to access it.

Step 1: Remove the top panel of the LG washing machine or control housing. When done, locate and identify the pressure switch. It looks like this.

Step 2: Get rid of the switch’s electrical connector. Bear in mind that the pressure switch is connected to the tube directing the water to flow to the drum. That means you’ll have to disconnect it from these tubes as well.

Step 3: Finally install the new pressure switch like before and connect it to the tube. Finally, replace the electrical connector the same way.

Solution #3: Fixing clogged pressure switch tube

Here you’ll have to replace the pressure switch tube. If the tubes are working well you won’t have to replace those.


All the parts that I bought from these companies still work 6 months later. They can’t beat helping anyone find the right replacement parts. 

Best of all they show you how to actually install them. It saves money and time over a service call. The company will help you to fix a refrigerator, clothes dryer, and washer.

After you have fixed the errors, you may want to test your LG washing machine to see if it’s working well. To do this, select the shortest washing program available. Let the washer go past the filling stage.

If the FE error code doesn’t display on the screen it means you solved the issues. Alternatively, if you want to perform a thorough test, you’ll have to enter it into a diagnostic mode.

How Do I Run Diagnostic on my LG Washer?

Here are the steps to troubleshoot the LG washing machine for errors. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Put the LG washer on standby. That involves plugging it into a power source and turning it off at the control panel.

Step 2: Press and hold the soil level. Then spin the speed button simultaneously.

Step 3: While processing those two buttons press the power button. You’ll hear the machine ding twice to inform you that you are in diagnostic mode.

Step 5: When the washer goes off it means you’ve finished the final stage.

What to do if you can’t fix the code FE?

What if after going through all this you still can’t fix the code FE error? Well, you can visit this site for help. It will match you with LG washer technicians who will give you guidance and help you resolve it. 

My grandma tried it and got a response in minutes. Most importantly, you’ll say goodbye to overwhelming searches and dubious forums. We hope the wash machine info helped you resolve the FE error code in detail.

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