LG Washer DE Error Code [Quick & Easy Solution]

LG Washer DE Error Code [Quick & Easy Solution]

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It freaks you out? The LG washer de error code that displays on your LG washer. Don’t panic because the LG washer DE error code is common and happens to many people.

And the good news is?

You can fix the LG washer de error code using the right steps. If this is your first time doing this, you are wondering where do you begin.

But before we go ahead and fix the issue it’s wise to know:

  • What’s the meaning of LG washer de error code?
  • What triggers the error code?
  • How to correct error code de

Fair enough?

Let’s get started.

LG Washer de Error Code: What Does it Mean?

dE means “door lock” on the LG washer while a dE error code indicates that the washer’s door can’t lock itself. That means water or suds will flow outside the drum and flood your laundry room. Left unsolved, it can cause accidents. Besides that, anything can enter inside the drum mid-cycle and interfere with the normal working of the washing machine.

Any washing machine that you’ll come across will have an error code de to mean “door lock’’. An LG washing machine will have a wide array of washing machine error codes that will show up in the screen to indicate a problem.

Any error displayed on the washing machine can have serious damage to the appliance if not corrected early. The door error code means that the lock (on the LG front-loading machine) or lid lock (on the LG top-loading machine) has failed and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Although not often, the door error code can mean failure of the main control board and you have to replace it otherwise, you won’t be in a position to resume the washer’s normal operations.

When you are using an LG washing machine, the door should lock securely before the washing process begins. That way, you won’t have water or suds flowing out of the drum and flooding the laundry area.

Most importantly a secure door means no risk of anything entering the drum and interfering with the washer’s normal operations.

LG Washer de Error Code: The Causes

Any time an LG washer displays de error code, there are different issues that cause it. To be sure that’s the error, you need to open and close the latch again. Chances are there’s part of the fabric stuck when you closed the door. If that’s not the cause, then the following issues might have caused:

  • Broke door lock
  • The door lock not aligned well
  • Displacement of the spring of the lock
  • Sensor malfunctions.
  • Problems with the start switch
  • Faulty door latch
  • Faulty control board

These are the most technical issues that cause de error code. Of course, there are others that may cause it. Here is the explanation in detail.

Faulty Door Lock

A faulty door lock is common in most LG front-loading models. The purpose of a door lock is to keep the machine shut during the washing cycle. 

The lock is usually engaged the moment you launch the program and remains that way until the process is over. When the washing cycle is done after the water is drained, the lock disengages. After that, you access your clothes.

The door lock is engaged electrically. It becomes faulty after constant use. This problem happens when the lock is in the open position. That means you can open and close the door but it won’t lock. If you have a faulty door, there’s no way the LG washing machine will wash the laundry.

Bent washer door hinge

The LG washing machine needs to be aligned well for it to shut. The hinges are a bit complicated. They have three parts that need to fit together so that they can work in harmony. Any loose parts will trigger de error code on your LG washing machine.

Washing machine hinges that consist of metal components, plastic bearings, and electric boards need regular maintenance and replacement. Rarely will you need the full attention of an expert? Sometimes all you need is to replace the part

Failed lid lock

Those that have an LG top-loading machine will mostly have a problem with the lid lock. The purpose of the lid lock is to keep the lid secure during the washing cycle. The lid lock must be in good working condition for it to work well. Most importantly, it has to be aligned well when the door closes.

When the lid lock fails, the LG top-loading machine displays the error code de. That means the machine won’t start the washing cycle until the lid is secured.

Faulty door latch

A door latch malfunction can trigger the display of error code de. One way to identify the problems is by inspecting visually to find missing stickers or loose door clasp. Sometimes you may need to inspect the door or latch for damage.

Faulty Control Board

The control board is responsible for the function of the entire washing machine. Picture it like the brain of human beings. In other words, the main control boards coordinate and ensure that every component functions well without any issues.

The problem arises when one of the components fails and this triggers the door lock to fail. Therefore causing the error code de.

LG Washer De Error Code: How to Fix It

Once you have known the root cause of the problem, here’s how you can fix it.

For a Faulty Door Lock

First, you have to get yourself a multimeter to test the switches and find out if the problem lies with the electronic lock. If you find one you may have to replace it.

To fix this problem you need to replace the door lock. You’ll find this component behind the washer’s door catch. Second, peel off the part of the door seal to have access to the work assembly.

Third, unthread the mounting screws holding the door lock and remove the wire harness. This will free the lock.

Fourth, connect the new door lock to the harness. Once the harness is secure you can mount back the door.

For bent door hinge

Close the door manually to find out if the door hinges have been bent. If the hinges are loose, you may need to bend the hinge into place. If you can’t fix it you may need to replace the door hinges.

For failed lid lock

To solve the problem fast, replace the failed lid lock. Start unscrewing the rear control panel. After that, remove the panel and detach the control housing. Then you can access and disconnect the lid lock wire connector. When you are done, lift the main top of the washing machine.

On the lid located underneath, remove mounting screws and wires gently. After that, you can mount the new lid lock and position the wires the same way you found it. Thanks to this step you can easily reconnect the new lid lock wire connecting to the control board.

For a faulty control board

To solve the problem, replace the main control board because most of the components won’t be repairable. The first thing is accessing the existing main board. When you are removing the board, pay attention to the electrical connectors so that you don’t damage them when dismounting the board. Finally, replace the connectors when you install the new boards.

For a faulty door latch

The only action you need to take here is to replace the door latch.

Once you have followed all the processes above. The final process is resetting the LG  washer. Here are the steps  you need to follow:

Step 1: Turn the washing machine off. You do this by removing the plug from the socket and stuffing it off.

Step 2: Press and hold the start/pause button for 5 secs.

Step 3: Reconnect the power supply again.

Step 4: When you are done you can reset the LG washer

Bear in mind that the error code is only cleared after resetting the LG washer. After reset you may need to test the LG washer to ensure that everything is working well:

  • Ensure the LG washer is on standby
  • Press and hold the spin speed and soil level buttons together
  • After that, press the power button. If you do it well, the washer will ding twice.
  • At this stage, the machine has gone through diagnostic mode. You can use the start button again to do other individual tests. When you reach the end, the machine will go off to mark the end of the diagnostic mode.

Conclusion: What to do so that error  code de does not occur

You can prevent error code de from occurring by following the above tips. If you are not able to correct the errors, you may need a technician to help you solve the issue. Sometimes the error may be caused by the control panel. We hope this article helped you find solutions to the most pressing problems.

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