LG Washer Error Code DL

LG Washer Error Code DL- It Was The Worst Idea to Fix the CCU.

I’ll be the first to confess:

I hate fixing an LG washer error code dl on my machine.

In fact, I went through dozens of troubleshooting guides to get an idea of how to fix it. The DL error code is triggered when the central control unit can’t lock the door.

And the cause?

Faulty door latch assembly, wiring connectors, and faulty central control unit.  My LG washer tried seven times before flushing the dl error code. I was adamant about ordering the CCU part.

Then it hit me:

The problem was with the door latch assembly. Not the wiring connector. Not the CCU.

I fixed the door latch assembly, and I saved $300 on a new CCU. It was worth the try as I have experience repairing CCU. Allow me to break down the following in this article:

  • What the DL error means
  • How to diagnose the cause
  • Where to get the parts
  • How to fix it

What Does DL  Error Mean on My LG Washer?

DL means door lock failure.

To be clear:

Your door latch assembly isn’t working well. The clicking sound on the washer is the door trying to latch.

And the result?

The washer won’t start when the latch fails, causing the error code and the audible beep. 

Behind the bottom panel under the door, you’ll find a tech sheet with a list of error codes and procedures on how to do diagnostic tests. I recommend you keep the test sheet there so don’t lose it. 

Fact is:

The DL error could also mean that you have a faulty CCU. When you receive such an error, the first thing is to reset the washer.

Here’s how the process goes:

  • Unplug the washer from its main socket and water supply
  • Wait for 10 minutes
  • Plug the washer back and start the cycle.

If the error persists, you will want to do further diagnostic tests as I did. But if the error doesn’t appear, you had a minor problem.  Find out how you can fix error E6 on your LG washer if you have a clutch error.

How Do I Fix the DL On My LG Washer

Door or Lid Latch Assembly

I was getting DL error code Lg washer.

Here’s why?

I had a defective latch assembly. The function of the door latch assembly is simple:

To prevent the door from opening during operations. If the door or lid fails to open, you have a defective lock mechanism.

Here’s how the door latch assembly and CCU work together:

The door lock mechanism consists of a door-mounted catch and door lock found on either the front panel or the main top. The washer CCU activates the lock solenoid motor to stop the door or lid from opening when the cycle starts. When the process is complete, the CCU activates the door unlock solenoid. 

The door lock solenoid motor takes one or two minutes to activate or deactivate. Now it’s TIME for me to show you how you can diagnose that door latch assembly.

In fact:

I followed the exact steps when diagnosing my Lg washer and fixed the lg washing machine error codes dl. Here’s how the process goes…

  • Unplug the LG washer from the power outlet and water supply
  • Check your door lock for debris, dirt, or any foreign objects accumulated. (I had debris and dirt which had accumulated on my Lg washer)
  • If cleaning won’t fix the error, check the door lock for damage, crack or wear and tear. You’ll need to remove all the washers part of it to access the door switch and remove it.
  • If the door switch shows any signs of damage or crack, you’ll have to replace the door latch assembly.

A cleaning agent for anyone who would describe themselves as lazy (I used this to clean my door lock from debris

I saw this and thought I’d take a chance. My Lg washer was always smelly with molds. I tried Vinegar, essential oil, pinesol, etc., but the small would return. After trying the cleaning products, the smell was gone. I saw the hype on Reddit and Facebook about the product, but I never believed it. Finally, I gave in and tested it out, and now I’ll never go without it.

Door Strike, Catch, and Hook

The door strike is a part of the safety mechanism present in LG washers.

And it activates the Lid switch on top loaders.

In fact:

It engages the lock mechanism on front loaders. When the door strike is damaged, it won’t activate the door lock assembly, triggering the DL error code. 

Here’s something I recently noticed:

The door strike is prone to abuse, and it breaks.

Here’s why?

It’s made of plastic material. It breaks if you have attempted to open the door with a lot of force. Here’s how you can find out if the door hook is the one triggering the DL error code:

  • Locate the door catch. You’ll find it at the door frame of your  washer
  • Check whether the door catch engages with the door lock assembly well and releases without any problem. Inspect the door hook for signs like wear, tear, cracking, or damage
  • If you find any issue, you’ll need to replace it.

Here is where you can get a new OEM LG washer door lock assembly.

Lid Hinge and Pin

Two hinges are attached to the lid on your LG top loader.

The hinges are made of metal or plastic material depending on the model.

As it turns out, they all have one thing in common with a door strike:

Wear and tear.

Sometimes, the hinges are the fault if you have a door lock failure code. Here’s how to diagnose the lid hinges and pin:

  • Unplug the washer from the socket
  • Lift the lid to check the lid hinges for wear, damage, cracking, or dirt that might have clogged it.
  • Lift the main top and check all the sides of the hinges and pin.
  • If you find any issues, you need to replace the lid hinges.


I published a post a while back outlining my process: Lg Washer OE Error Code: There Are Three Causes Of OE Error — Which Is Yours?

Central Control Unit/ Main Control Board

Let me be clear about something:

The main control board is complicated and challenging to diagnose without proper tests and procedures. Before you know it, you need a master’s degree to understand to how to diagnose it.

And that’s why:

Most technicians shy away from repairing it and insist you buy a replacement. You can diagnose the central board for electrical arcing, damage, or burned components. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Unplug the washer from the electrical outlet because you are going to with electrical components
  • Find and remove the main control board. You’ll locate it behind the control pad and remove all or parts of the washer’s cabinet to access it.
  • Check the control board for damage, cracking, burning, or wear.
  • If you find any, you’ll need to replace them immediately. Be cautious when replacing the control board because sometimes the error can be caused by external component failures. You’ll need to identify and correct it before installing a new one.

You can find a new control board here.

LG Washer Error Code DL: Bottom Line

When fixing any error on your LG washer, let the control board be the last thing you diagnose. The control board is expensive and will cost you more than $200 for most of the washers. 

If you happen to replace it first and it’s not the issue, you may spend more money doing the repairs. I hope this article helped you learn how to fix LG washer error code dl. Do you have a quick question or concern? Let me know in the comment below.

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