LG Washer Error Code PE

LG Washer Error Code PE

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One moment your LG washer is working fine and the next thing it’s displaying a PE error code. You then ask, “ is my Lg washer working well? Or is there something wrong with it?

Relax and take a breath. Today we’ll explain what LG washer error code  PE means and how it can be fixed. Besides that, if you can’t fix it we’ll point you in the right direction where you can get help.

Let’s get started.

What Does PE Mean on My LG Washer?

E means you have a water level sensor malfunction. The purpose of this sensor is to detect the water level in the tub. In other words, the water level sensor switch controls how high the tub fills with water. 

When the tub fills, the switch stops the water flow when the water level inside the tube is reached for a large, regular, or small load. A malfunction at the water level sensor means that the water can’t reach the minimum level or there’s an excessively fast filling of water in the tub.

The LG washer will issue this error after every 25 minutes of timeout. When those two situations arise, you are likely to see the LG washer error code PE displayed on the screen.

Causes of PE Error Code in My LG Washer

PE error code is rare in most washing machines. If you followed every step above and you failed, then you need to understand the cause before you can fix it. There are three causes of LG PE error code:

Cause #1: Wiring Problems

The PE error code might have been due to a wiring problem. The problem can be between the main control board and the water level sensor switch. Since washing machines vibrate a lot during their cycle, the wires may be loose or disconnected.

It won’t surprise you to find out that you do have a burnt or damaged wire that’s causing the problem. Do a thorough check to find out if you have loose, damaged, or burnt wires to rule out the problems before finding the next possible cause.

Before you rush to disassemble the LG washer, try resetting the LG washer. That way, you’ll know if it is a serious problem or not. Here are the steps you need to reset the LG washer:

Step 1: Press power to turn off the LG washer.

Step 2: Unplug the LG washer from the main power supply.

Step 3: Press and hold the start/pause button for five seconds.

Step 4: Plug the LG washer back.

Step 5: Start the washing cycle again.

Chances are your LG washer will have cleared the PE error code. If not, continue reading to find out the main causes and solutions.

Cause #2: Faulty Water Level Sensor Switch

If you have no wiring problem, then you have to inspect the water level pressure switch. Chances are, it can be dirty, or faulty. The faulty pressure sensor is caked with hard water, debris, and other dirt making it display error code PE.

Cause #3: Electrical Failure at the Switch

Sometimes the water level sensor switch can fail due to electrical challenges. If you have no wiring problems, and no faulty switch, then there’s a high chance you have electrical issues. If it’s an electrical issue you’ll have to check the heating element because it does heat water.

Cause # 4: Blocked Tube

Another cause for the error is blocked tubes. Find out if the tubes leading from the water level switch to the bottom of the tubes are blocked. The tubes need to be firmly connected at both ends.

Most importantly, those tubes shouldn’t have any blockages. Besides that check to see if the tubes have debris, sediment, kinks, or holes.

How to Fix PE Error in LG Washing Machine?

Fixing a Wiring Problem

Here you’ll need to inspect the wiring harness to find out if it’s loose or damaged. Besides that, you need to find out if the wires are faulty, damaged, or burnt.

The next step is checking if you can get continuity in the writing harness using a multimeter. If you find the wiring harness to be faulty between the water level pressure switch and control board. Then you’ll need to replace the wiring harness with a new one.


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If you find continuity that’s an indication that your wires are damaged or loose. If the harness connected shows continuity, fix the next problem.

Fixing a Faulty Water Level  Pressure Sensor  Switch

Check if the sensor is caked with hard water deposits, dirt, foreign objects, or debris. Remove any filth on the sensor and clean the washing machine. Ensure that there are no dirty, foreign deposits, or debris.

The tubes that connect the sensor need to be cleaned. Inspect to see if the tubes are firmly connected at both ends. Here’s how to inspect the tubes:

Step 1: Find the tubes at the bottom of the water level switch

Step 2: Disconnect the tube from the filthy  at the end which involves loosening the clamps

Step 3: Inspect the tube to find out if they have any debris, sediments, dirt, or water.

Step 4: Check to find out if the tubes have holes or kinks. You can connect this by straightening or replacing those tubes.

Step 5: Clean and clear the door tube from dirt, sediment, or anything. Sometimes cleaning is all you need to correct the malfunctioning switch.

Fixing an Electric Fault on the Switch

The next step is testing the switch for electrical failure. Use a multimeter or vault-ohm meter to test the switch for continuity. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Find the wires that lead to switching terminals and disconnect them. That means disengaging a wire plug. If you don’t have a good memory you may need to label the wire position before disconnecting them.

Step 2: You’ll find three terminals at the water switch level. Test them in pairs for continuity and note the reading which should be ∞ to devote no continuity or value close to 0.0 to denote continuity.

Step 3: Second touch the probes to terminals 1 & 2 and get the reading (∞ or 0.0)

Step 4: Touch the probes to terminals 2 and 3 and get the reading.

Step 5: Analyze the results of the tests. Note that two pairs should have no continuity and only one should have continuity. If you receive a different result from this, it means you have a bad switch that needs to be replaced.

Step 6: Reconnect the tube to the switch to do the second test and make sure the other end is disconnected.

Step 7: Blow the tube gently to hear the switch click. Pinch the tube to maintain the air pressure as you test the results and take notes.

Step 8: Analyze the second continuity test. The pair that showed continuity in the first phase should show no continuity in the second phase. The one pair that showed no continuity should show continuity in the second test. A different result rather than this means the switch is bad.


There you have it. We believe you can now fix the error code PE on your LG washing machine. We hope the advice we shared with you here has been helpful. If you have more questions concerning this error feel free to post in the comment below and we will answer them.

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