LG Washer IE Error Code

LG Washer IE Error Code: [Here’s What To Do]

I have an LG top-loading washer that gave out error code IE.  The washer took long to fill and complete the wash cycle. During the rinse and spin cycle the water came slower. 

Previously I cleaned the hoses. After hours of research I noticed the problem. If you have a similar situation you’ll benefit to know the solutions you can take right away to fix the error. It is something that you can fix and keep your washer running as long as you have the right diections and the right parts. 

Before we dive into the solution you need to know what IE error code, the cause of this error, how to fix it, and where to find the parts. Let’s now begin.

What Does IE Mean On LG Washer?

An IE error code means that your LG machine’s washer was not filled with enough water in the allocated time. The error can also be referred to as a water inlet error. 

Generally, washing machines use sensors to tell how full they are, and when these sensors fail to collect adequate water, they trigger an error code and shut off the entire machine.  This failure is a huge setback for LG machine users since they cannot begin their washing cycle.  IE is not the only error, we have numerous washing machine code errors and their solutions.


LG Washer IE Error Code: The Causes?

There are several reasons why an IE error code may show on your LG washing machine. Below are some of the primary causes of an IE error code.

Clogged inlet filters

A clogged inlet filter (or a water filter) on the back of your washing machine could prevent it from filling up with water, implying that your clothes may not sufficiently get wet as the washing occurs.

Clogs usually form either in the filter itself or on the valve’s backplate, and they can be easily eliminated by cleaning or replacing the filter plate, or the whole unit.

Low Water Pressure

Before you conclude that your LG washing machine can’t fill up water, inspect your home’s water pressure. If the water pressure levels are low, your washer may not get enough water to run it effectively, making you deal with a washing machine that does not fill with sufficient water.

For your LG washing machine to attain its required water levels, you will need more than 20 psi from your home’s water pressure. 

Below are some steps you could follow to test your home’s water pressure level

  • Switch on every faucet leading to the washing machine
  • Open a cold water faucet in your laundry room and connect it to a pressure gauge.
  • Fully turn the tap and wait for roughly two minutes
  • Check the gauge.

Defective Water Inlet Valve

Water gets into the washer’s front through the defective water inlet valve. The valve has two solenoids, one releasing cold water while the other producing hot water.

Some of the latest LG washers come with a water volume switch that controls the amount of water reaching the drum, while other models have switches located on their hand controls. When your water inlet valve switches are not correctly set, your washer may not fill up with enough water.

Loose Wiring Connection

Your LG washing machine may indicate an IE error due to a loose wiring connection or even a shortened connecting wire. In some cases, the end of the wire harness will build up corrosion, thus causing the connector not to have proper contact.

Clogged Water Hose

Your water hose may be clogged, thus preventing water passage to your washer. Any kinks or bends could also block water from reaching the machine.

Sometimes it is the flood hose you’re using that is incompatible with your washing machine. Your machine’s inlet valve can open up fast to supply instant water pressure, which may trigger the hose to shut down as if there has been a leak to cut off the supply of water.

How To Fix IE Error On LG Top Load Washer?

Now that you are familiar with the causes of an LG washer error code IE, let’s look at some ways to fix it in case it occurs.

Restart Your LG Washing Machine

The first step to fixing the IE error code is restarting your machine. Unplug it for close to 10 minutes to reset most electronic errors or any software issues present. 

Do not use it after unplugging it for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. If the controller fails, there is a high chance that the error will go away once the washer runs again. If not, you will still see the error.

Ensure the Wire is Connected Properly

If a loose wire connection causes the error, you may need to ensure that there is a tight connection and get contacts on the Molex connectors.

In cases of corrosion caused by the wire’s harness, you will need to clean the end of the pressure switch wire harness using a wire cleaner. Also, ensure that there is an excellent wiring connection between the pressure switch and the PCB.

Check for Clogged Hoses

To check for clogged or kinked hoses, begin by switching off the water source to the washer. Then, remove the washer and confirm if there are any bends or kinks. Adjust them using your fingers and return the washer. In case of permanent bends or kinks in your hose, you will have to get a new hose.

Also, wash your pipes with hot water to remove any debris that may be blocking the water passage.

You may also need to replace your incompatible flood safe and other third-party hoses with LG hoses that come along with the washing machine for compatibility.

Remove Clogs on Inlet Filters

If you see any mineral deposits or any form of dirt on the washer’s filters on the inlet valves, you will need to remove and clean them appropriately.

Open Supply Taps

You may have forgotten to open both cold and hot water taps. To fix the IE error, make sure you keep both taps fully open.

Restore Your Home’s Water Pressure

If low water pressure levels cause the IE error, you may need to restore the pressure levels to their original state. Ensure the water has more than 20 psi of pressure. Confirm with your water suppliers if they can fix the pressure before restarting your LG washer.

Change the Pressure Switch

If the error fails to go away after following the above steps, you may need to look into the pressure switch and replace it when necessary. First, remove the hose and blow through it in the tub’s direction. If it is clear, the issue may be the pressure switch; thus, opt to replace it.

When all these troubleshooting methods fail to eliminate the error, you should contact an LG repair technician.


LG Washer Error Code IE may lock out your washing machine or prevent it from functioning effectively. To restore the machine’s functioning to normal, you will have to resolve the primary cause of the error.

Usually, the error could be resolved through a simple reset of your washer or minor replacements and adjustments, which is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. However, if all the “do-it-yourself” fixes fail, do not hesitate to contact a licensed and professional LG technician.

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