LG Washer Stops Mid Cycle

LG Washer Stops Mid Cycle: The Parts You Need to Check

I won’t lie to you.

My Lg washer stopped mid-cycle after fixing the LG washer error code oe. I had to find a solution quickly to prepare for my daughter’s birthday party.

The best part is?

After troubleshooting the control board, the switch, and the door assembly, I found the timer to be the issue. We ordered a new part from here and fixed the issue. I have shared below every troubleshooting and diagnostic process we went through to fix the issue.

Before we dive into the solution, let’s first understand why an LG washer would stop mid-cycle. That way, we will know which part causes it and where we should begin in our troubleshooting and diagnostic process.

Why Does My LG Washer Stops Mid Cycle?

Brief stops during a standard wash cycle are important. 

For instance, when the LG washer drum rotates to agitate the clothes, it stops for 10 seconds before rotating in another direction. So this is perfectly normal. However, if the LG washer stops mid-cycle for 10 minutes or longer, chances are it is unable to drain water. This is more frustrating because it leaves your clothes with soap and water. 

Before we dive into the root cause of the problem, we must do a master reset for two good reasons. 

One is to determine whether we have a false alarm with the LG washer. 

Two, to determine whether the washer has a serious problem that needs troubleshooting. Here’s how to perform a master reset:

  • Unplug the Lg washer from the socket
  • Wait for 5 to minutes for the Lg washer to correct the error
  • Try to open the LG washer’s door and close it several times quickly. A lot of washers are set up so that this signals a computer reset.
  • Test the LG washer to see if it runs through a full cycle.

If the problem persists, we may have to look at parts that may cause the LG washer to stop mid-cycle.

How to Fix an LG Washer That Stops Mid Cycle?

Inspect the Washer Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve controls the water flow in and out of the LG washer. 

It’s a mechanical value that’s controlled by the board electronically. The Lg washer will open those valves to fill water into the tub. Once the water is enough, the valve will close to prevent overflowing. Next, the LG washer will drain and refill the clean water into the tub. After draining the dirty water, the LG washer will open the valves again to replace the water and continue washing your clothes.

On the contrary, a failed water inlet valve can’t open and refill the LG washer with clean water. 

Therefore, the LG washer stops mid-cycle because it can’t go on. You’ll have to inspect the LG washer electronically and mechanically to fix this. First, ensure that you have nothing blocking the water inlet valve, for example, sediment, dirt, a foreign objects. Using a multimeter, test the electrical continuity of the water inlet valve. 

If the valves are faulty, you can get new ones.

Check the Switch and Door Lock for faulty.

The LG lid switch and door lock are two different parts that have the same roles. 

They can’t let the LG washer operate when the door is open. The door lock aims to keep the door closed during the wash cycle when the laundry may be able to unlock the door during agitation. If the lid switch or door lock is faulty, it prevents the LG washer from starting, or the ends wash prematurely since it thinks the door is opened. The LG washer will only operate when the door is closed.

Any fault on the lid switch or door lock will cause the LG washer to stop mid-cycle. 

For instance:

A door lock that fails to close throughout the operation will stop the LG washer immediately. The same happens when the switch fails. You’ll focus on the door lock, lock motor, and door latch to solve this problem.

First, confirm if the door has signs of wiggling when closed. 

Second, make sure that the lid switch is not obstructed in any way. One thing you can do here is to bypass the lid switch to let the cycle finish. Doing so will tell you if it is faulty. The lid lock bypass method involves placing a magnet between the lid lock and the solenoid to allow the washer complete the cycle.

A warning: ensure to unplug the washer from the main socket to bypass the lid lock. Finally, you’ll have to troubleshoot the door lock, lock motor, and door switch. If one of the parts is faulty, you’ll have to buy a new one because those parts are repairable.

Washer Timer

An LG washer has a timer that tells it to advance to the next wash cycle. 

It also tells the LG washer how long it should wash clothes, start to fill the water, and which cycle to use. In short, the timer is the washer’s brain since it controls the function. If the LG washer fills with water but never advances, agitates, or spins, chances are you have a faulty timer that needs replacing. Signs of a faulty washer include:

  • No advancement– The LG washer gets stuck and refuses to advance to the next cycle. The washer will get stuck during the washing process and the spin cycle leaving the clothes wet.
  • Lg washer stops during the cycles– In this situation, the washer begins the process and stops midway. A normal functioning timer will always pause between cycles. A faulty timer skips the pausing time making the LG washer shut down.
  • Missing cycles– An LG washer that skips or misses cycles have a faulty timer. This issue can be intermittent. 

Test it also using a multimeter to find if it’s faulty. You can buy a new timer for the LG washer.

Inspect the Drain Hose

A clogged drain hose can stop the LG washer mid-cycle. 

Socks or other small items can get into the drain system and clog the drain hose. And that will make the LG washer shut off until you have resolved the issues. To solve this, you’ll have to remove the access panel and check for anything blocking the drain hose. 

Remember to have a water bucket or towel nearby. If you remove the hose, water may come out. And to avoid the mess, make you disconnect the LG washer.

Inspect the Main Control board

The main control board controls every part of the washer to give you the selected program. 

The board has different components that aid the functioning of the LG washer. 

For example:

The LG washer may fail to work if one part of the board is affected. Therefore, when electrical units related to the current wash cycle fails, the LG washer will stop mid-cycle.

The bad news is that you can’t repair the board’s electrical components. The most practical solution is to buy a new OEM LG main control board like this one. When inspecting the board, look for scorching, corrosion, rusting, or damage to the wire. That will tell you the body is faulty. Control board issues rarely come with one symptom. By the time the board is defective, you’ll have many symptoms.

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