LG washer UE error code

LG washer UE error code [Loose Motor Is Not The Only Thing To Fix]

Take a deep breath and relax. The LG washer UE error code shouldn’t freak you out. It is something that you can fix without a technician. 

The good news is most homeowners find relief and save a lot of money when they find out how easy it is to fix error code UE in a washing machine. In this article, we are going to show you two things:

  • How to fix LG washer UE error code
  • The next step you need to take if all the solutions presented in this article don’t work.

Fair enough?

But before we get ahead of ourselves. Let’s first understand what error code UE is and what causes it. After knowing the root cause of the problem, you will be in a position to fix it.

LG Washer UE Error Code: What does it mean?

The UE error code means your LG front load washer won’t spin because it has an unbalanced load. So here’s how you end with error codes uE and UE. The LG machine will start rinsing, and draining water but it won’t spin. The machine will rotate the drum during the washing and rinsing but it will fail to gain momentum.

For some time, it will continue to pick up the pace and squeeze the laundry and then stop. On the display, you’ll start to see different errors:

uE code (small letter) indicates that the LG front load washer identified the load imbalance and is attempting to fix it. 

The washer will add a little water and distribute the laundry along with the drum in an attempt to solve this. A normal front-loading Lg washing machine will try to correct itself at least three times before displaying the error code UE. With code uE, you don’t need to take any action on your part. 

UE code (capital U) shows that despite all the attempts to fix the problem, the washing machine failed. Here your action is required. The appearance of the error is a small problem that you can solve on your own unless it is a serious malfunction.

Pay attention to this error to find out its frequency. If this is something that happens from time to time, chances are your washing machine is working well. The problem happens when you start seeing UE code and failure to spin during each wash. That’s a sign that malfunctions and it’s time you take action. UE error code is not the only error on the LG machine, we have numerous washing machine code errors that you need to be aware of

What Causes LG Washer UE Error Code

Error code UE usually appears before the washer starts to spin and during the washing intervals. Before that, the machine will usually try to gain the momentum needed to spin. Code UE is caused by the following.

Unbalanced load

Tangled bed sheets or bleed-up pair of clothing makes the washer bang and thump. Big tangled clothes will weigh down the sides of the spin basket causing it to fail and perform its function.

Besides that, a single-item load or small load leads to imbalance sometimes. Oversized loads may also cause imbalances.

Unlevelled legs

If the washer is balanced, chances are the legs are not leveled. Unlevelled legs cause instability when the washer tries to spin. An LG front-loader washer that’s not leveled vibrates during the spin cycle triggering the UE error code.

Loose Motor Nut/Rotor mounting Nut

If the above two are not the problem then you have a loose motor nut. Repairing the motor and rotor nut can be complicated for an ordinary person. Therefore, you’ll need a trained professional to help you fix the problems. The rotor mounting nut is known to secure the rotor assembly.

Worn-out suspension rod

Sometimes a worn suspension rod triggers the LG washer error code UE and it needs to be replaced. A worn suspension rod makes the washing machine vibrate and makes lots of noise, which triggers the EU error code.

How to fix the LG Washer UE Error Code?

The error code UE is something anyone can fix without the need for a technician. Before attempting any other thing you may need to open the washing machine drum and put the clothes equally.

If you have excess clothing you may need to remove some and start the spin mode. If you have fewer clothes you may need to wash them physically or put something and run the spin again.

If the error still persists, you may need to reset the LG top loader washer. You turn it off for 30 minutes and then turn it on the washer in spin mode.

Troubleshooting UE Error Code

Rinse and Spin Cycle

Empty the washing machine, run a rinse, and spin the cycle. The cycle should take 20 minutes at minimum. If you do this, you’ll not see the error. However, if not you’ll need to go to the next solution to solve the issue.

When the code is not showing, make sure not to overload the washer in the future. Ensuring the washer is leveled so that the issue won’t happen again.

Adjusting the Legs of the Washer

Most washing machines have four legs at the base. If you want to adjust the legs, locate the locking nut on the leg and loosen it using a wrench.

Turn the leg clockwise to lower the leg or counterclockwise to raise it. Ensure to adjust the leg until the washing machine is leveled. When the washer is leveled, tighten the locking nuts.

Tightening the loose motor nut

Sometimes the problem can be loose nits and you need to tighten them. Here are the steps you can follow to fix it:

Step 1: Move the washer  forward to reach the back panel

Step 2: Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the back panel in position. After that, you can lift the panel off.

Step 3: Remove the belt that’s holding the rotor in place using a socket. Put on a pair of gloves when removing the rotor.

Step 4: The wiring harness has screws and you’ll need to remove it.

Step 5: Remove the five bolts holding the stator.

Step 6: Now you’ll see if the main nut is loose or not. If loose, tighten it using a ratchet. When you are finished, check to see if the error code UE still appears.

Tacho Sensor

This is something that happens once in a while. Tacho sensors are responsible for motor speed. When the washing machine doesn’t have enough speed, no spin happens. Here is what you need to fix it:

  • Open the back wall of the washing machine
  • Find the washing machine motor that is located under the tank
  • Get rid of the belt from the drum pulley and motor.
  • Remove the engine and wires.
  • Remove the screws that hold the motor and get it out of the device
  • Remove the tachometer and replace it.
  • Assemble and put everything together.

Worn Out Suspension Rods

The purpose of the rod in a washing machine is to secure the drum and prevent it from wobbling around. During the washing cycle. Heavy or frequent shaking indicates that the suspension rods are worn out. Here’s  what you need to do to replace the rods:

  • The first is to disconnect the power
  • Lift the lid and use a knife to remove the retainer clips on the main top.
  • Lift the drum up and remove the suspension rod(s) that need to be changed
  • Apply the grease on top and bottom of the rod and then install the new suspension
  • Hook the top of the new suspension rod to support the bracket.
  • Lift the drum and attach the bottom of the rod to the outer drum
  • Finally, you need to reassemble the machine and then check if you have the error again.

Conclusion: What If All These Measures Don’t Work?

Looks like you’ve tried everything and nothing is working. Then your LG front-loading machine has a serious malfunction. You may need to look for certified technicians who can help you fix the problem. 

If the problem persists, chances are you have an electric board problem that needs someone who is good with hardware to help you solve the issues.

I’ve had this problem with my washing machine and most of the time I have been in a position to solve it without the need for a technician. We hope you were able to fix the LG washer error code UE.

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