Maytag Washer DC Code

Maytag Washer DC Code: Quickest Ways To Fix DC Code

I had a Maytag Neptune washer that flushed out the Maytag washer DC code. And it happened because of one PROBLEM:

Unbalanced load.

It threw the dc code often. But that’s not even the worst part. Instead of pausing and letting me shift the clothes around and distribute them, it backs up a few cycles and starts over.

I knew I had to do something about this. Otherwise, I will be left behind with a washer that takes forever to complete a load. So I searched the internet and called my fellow appliance technicians for solutions.

After fiddling for some time, it hit me that my suspension springs were the cause. So instead of rushing to repair the washer, I followed a troubleshooting guide to ensure that I had no problems besides the Maytag washer DC code.

Before we fix the code using my troubleshooting guide, let’s find out what the DC code means on a Maytag Neptune washer.

What Does the Code DC Mean on a Maytag Neptune Washer?

DC error code means the Maytag Neptune washer is unbalanced. And that prevents your washer from getting to the spin cycle. But that’s not even the worst part: Your washer won’t work unless you correct the Maytag washer DC code.  Failure to correct the error the washer’s internal component will be damaged.

The signs of your washer experiencing an unbalanced load include:

  • Loud, unusual noises
  • Vibration or shaking of the washer
  • Failure of the washer to spin or drain
  • The washer walking across the floor
  • The laundry is wet at the end of the circle.

Sometimes the DC code on a Maytag Neptune washer can be a false alarm. To confirm this, follow the direction  below: 

Step 1: Switch off the washer, and cut off the water supply.

Step 2: Wait for five to ten minutes.

Step 3: Plug-off the washer back into the socket and start the cycle again.

The results are two. 

One,  if it was a programming error,  the washer will correct itself and continue the cycle, which means you get a false alarm. Two, if the Maytag washer DC code continues to persist, you have a serious issue that needs a solution. 

Once you have confirmed your doubts, find the cause and fix the Maytag washer DC code.

Let’s talk about that next…

How to Fix the Maytag Washer DC Code?

Balance and Distribute the Load

Several items cause load imbalances in a Maytag Neptune washer, such as Jackets, sheets, sweaters, jeans, towels, blankets, comforters, etc.  

I’ll explain with an example:

First, Comforters and towels use a lot of water, making them heavy in the washing process. And that is likely to cause imbalances. 

Second, keeping five towels on one side of the Maytag washer and four shirts on the other side will cause imbalances. 

Third, when the Maytag washer has too much water and little room to pin during the washer, it causes imbalances. 

To avoid this, there’s one thing you can do. A good rule of thumb is to balance your laundry. Here’s how to do it: 

  • Move towels, comforters, and other heavy clothes around evenly and distribute the weight. Oversized laundry shouldn’t be caught up around the spin. 
  • The laundry load shouldn’t be more than ⅔ of the Maytag washer capacity. Your washer should have more room to move around. 
  • Medium to large loads should be washed alone. 
  • Socks and other small loads should never be added to large loads. Sheets can create rockets to catch small items in their air pockets. 
  • Wash sheets, towels, jeans, and lightweight items separately. 
  • Use a mesh safe bag if you have small items like strings or laces that can get caught up.

Leveling the Washer’s Feet

Leveling the Maytag washer is vital for three reasons. One, it ensures the washer works well. Two, it prevents the problems of having loose water hoses and flooding water. Three, it damages the internal components of the Maytag Neptune washer. 

If your surface isn’t stable, vibration and shakiness will be severe, causing an unbalanced load.

A warning: Ensure you have disconnected the Maytag washer from the power and water supply before making any repairs. Here’s what to do next:

  • Inspect the floor under the washer, and pull it forward until you see the visible part.
  • Inspect the loose anti-vibration pads. Your washer needs at least four or no pads to remain level on the surface.
  • Check the surface conditions. Is the surface base stable to prevent unbalanced? The floor shouldn’t be rotted, saturated, or crooked. 
  • Repair unstable floor or install the ¾ -inch exterior or marine-grade plywood on top of the finished surface
  • Finally, assess whether all the Maytag washer’s legs are in excellent contact with the surface.

Get the marine-grade plywood and the anti-vibration pads

How to use anti-vibration pads to level the washer?

Anti-vibration pads reduce the noise and shakiness of the Maytag washer. Lift one corner of the washer and slide the pad under the foot. 

Next, mark the pad location and stick the washer’s pad’s adhesive on the surface. Apply the primer on the pads, press, and put the machine back into place.


When adjusting the legs, ensure they are short for three good reasons: Short legs are stable. Two, short legs shake less. Three short legs are less likely to break. In short, lengthening the legs will level the Maytag washer. Use a spirit level to ensure the surface is flat. Confirm if the bubbles are at the center. If not, level the surface.

Inspect and Remove the Shipping Materials

Shipping materials are hard plastic spaces that hold the spring suspension systems. On a new top load washer, they are found at the bottom center of the washer. 

Top-loading washers like Maytag have three shipping bolts, spaces, and a metal clamp at the back of the washer. Other Maytag washer models may have lots of those materials that need to be removed. 

Transit/shipping materials are meant to prevent the Maytag washer from rotating, vibrating, and moving while it’s being transported to the new owner. One or three of the following will happen if you fail to remove them:

  • The washer won’t operate. During the cycle, the drum rotates one or two revolutions and signals to the electronics that the drum is free.
  • If you have no sensors or damage, the motor may be forced to rotate the drum, causing severe damage, motor burnout, etc.
  • If you fail to remove these shipping materials, your Maytag washer will have no suspension system and vibrate badly when working.

To remove the shipping materials, use a wrench to loosen the belt and pull them out of the hole.

Check the Suspension Rods

A broken suspension rod can cause a Maytag washer DC error code. 

And I’ll explain. 

The rod’s purpose is to support the tub and stabilize the washer. When the suspension rod is worn or broken, it shakes and vibrates the Maytag washer. 

The more the rods shake, the more the washer moves. The solution here’s to check the washer’s cabinet and inspect its condition. Here’s how to do it:

  • Unplug the Maytag washer from the power outlet. Disconnect the washer from the water supply outlet too.
  • Remove the lid on top of the washer using ¼ inch driver
  • Pull the suspension rod to get rid of the bearings and bearings cap off.
  • Next, remove the rods and place them somewhere secure.
  • Check the condition of the suspension rods and shock absorbers. If they are damaged or worn out in any form, you’ll have to buy new ones because they cannot be broken.
  • Put the new suspension and shock absorbers in place.
  • Reattach everything in the reverse order and test the Maytag washer again to see if you are still experiencing the DC error code.

You can get new suspension rods.

Check the Maytag Neptune Washer for Damaged Components

Sometimes the cause of the Maytag washer DC code is damaged components like the snubber ring, dampening straps, and driver bearings. These components support the washer tub and dampen vibrations.

Snubber ring 

The snubber ring limits the noise and vibrations of your Maytag washer. It supports the washer’s leg and dome assembly. 

When the snubber ring wears out, the leg and dome assembly lose their support making the washer’s tub bang against the cabinet during the washing cycle. It may also emit a scraping sound when it wears. 

You can get the approved OEM part from here if you have a worn-out or broken snubber ring. To replace this, here’s a short video that you can follow.

Dampening strap

The straps support the Maytag washer tub and limit the vibration while keeping the tub at the cabinet’s center. 

When a washer shakes, moves, or makes loud noises during the wash cycle, chances are the straps are either loose or broken. 

All these four straps will have to be replaced. I recommend that you check the tub for cracks where these straps are mounted.

Driver bearings

The drum bearings support the drum rotation. 

They are found at the back of the washer. All washers (top and front load) have two bearings that wear and tear with use. Additionally, water also seeps through the metal bearings, causing rusting. The two tell signs of the driver bearings are:

  • The Maytag washer sounds like an airport runway.
  • The movement of the inner drum is more than a millimeter or two.

Repairing a driver’s bearings requires dissembling the whole unit. 

Fixing this part can cost much more than buying a new washer. We recommend purchasing a new washer instead of replacing the driver bearings. Here are two articles to help you choose a new washer:

 Best Washing Machine Under $200 [I Only Recommend These If You’re On A Budget]

Best Large Capacity Top Load Washer: The Only Purchase I Can Guarantee Won’t Leave You With Buyer’s Regret

Suspension  springs

The suspension springs support the tub and keep it from stealing to avoid unbalancing. If the part breaks or wears, it can cause the washer to be unbalanced, leading to excess shaking, moving, noise, and leaks. 

You’ll need the following tools to repair ¼ nut driver, a putty knife, a flat blade, and needle-nose pliers. Since this is an inexpensive part, we recommend buying several.

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