Samsung Code ND Error

Samsung Washer Code ND Error? Here’s Solution

I’ll be the first to confess.

Samsung code ND error appears for one simple reason:

Your Samsung washer can’t drain water properly, or it won’t spin. 

I’ll explain.

I got a Samsung code ND error on my washer a while back. My washer would fill OK, and wash the laundry, but get stuck in the rinse and drain part.


The washer would flush out the Samsung code ND error. Most of the time, the clothes were wet near the end of the spin cycle. 

And the best part is…

I was able to fix the issue with a new drain pump. In this post, I reveal how to do the diagnostic tests and fix the ND code error on a Samsung washer.

What Does Code ND Mean On Samsung Washer?

Let me be a bit more specific:

The ND error code on the Samsung washer means “No Drain .”In other words, the washer’s drainage system has a problem and can’t drain water properly.

And the cause of this error is:

A faulty drain pipe/drain falter


A faulty drain pump.

Your Samsung washer won’t spin or finish the cycle at this stage until you have fixed the problem.

Drainage issues usually fall into two categories: Either the water can’t drain out of the Samsung washer, or water flows out of the machine but can’t flow properly through the filter.

If your washer is not draining well, you’ll have wet clothes at the end of the cycle. Here are the possible causes of the ND error code on the Samsung washer.

  • Clog in the drain standpipe
  • Material blocking the impellers or water pump filter.
  • Loose or faulty drive belt
  • Faulty lid switch
  • Clogged drainage system

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How Do I Fix ND Code on Samsung Washer

Checking the drain hose

A drain hose allows dirt water from the tub to exit the washer into your house drainage standpipe. Along the way, it collects soap residue, grease, oils, leftover lin, fragments, and other substances in clothes.

This, my friend, is one of the main reasons why the drain hose gets clogged.

Since the drain hose is a long flexible detachable pipe connecting to the back of the washer, it can get kinked. Especially when the washer is pressed too close to the wall. 

In all those two scenarios, the clogged drain hose and the kinked cause will trigger the ND error code to appear on the Samsung washer.

You can repair a clogged drain hose with the right tools on your hand. Failure to have the following tools can do more harm than good or even damage the drain hose. Tools you need are:

  • Industrial drain “snakes.”
  • Screwdrivers
  • Basic or hex-shaped wrenches
  • Sponges
  • 5-gallon bucket

Tools like this will make a difference when repairing drainage issues on your Samsung washer. Here’s the procedure to follow to repair the drain hose:

  • Unplug the Samsung washer from the socket and power supply.
  • Remove the water from the tub. (Use gravity to drain the pipe. Place the washer drain hose near the surface in a bucket. Ensure you clamp the hose to prevent water from flowing out.)
  • Using a 4-in-1 screwdriver, open the back panel of the Samsung washer and pull the lower edge of the panel outward.
  • Loosen the clamps that hold the drain hose and ensure you have a bucket to collect any water flowing. A better way to know if the drain hose has any clogs is to blow air through it. You need to check the washing machine pump if nothing clogs the drain hose.
  • If the drain hose has clogs, you can run a drain snake and rotate it to latch clogged material and debris.
  • You’ll have to break apart the clogged material with fluid while twisting and pressing until you can’t feel more resistance.
  • Finally, slowly withdraw the drain snake from the hose and bring out the remaining clogs. Turn the snake’s knob in the opposite direction to remove the clog quickly.

My suggestion:

If your drain hose is broken or short, you’ll have to get one from Amazon or any other marketplace.

Check the Drain Pump

The function of the drain pump is to drive water out of the Samsung washers. And it turns one or two times during the wash cycle to clear the water out. Therefore, if it fails to remove the water, you’ll have wet clothes at the end of the process.

When you hear the drain pump working but emitting a laboring sound, chances are something is stuck that’s making it work like that. To repair this, you should switch off and drain the washer.

Then you’ll have to diagnose the washer. There’s a possibility that your pump may be clogged.

A lot of Samsung washer pumps have removable covers. Inside those covers, you’ll get filter screens on the drain pump. Like the drain hose, the filter screen gets clogged with dirt and debris. 

A quick way to resolve this is to open the washer and clean the filter screen. If the filter screen is broken, you’ll have to pick a new one from here.

Besides checking the filter screen, you may also need to check if the agitators or impellers are jammed. A good impeller moves freely.

What if the pump is not making noise during operation? If the pump makes no noise and you have not found any obstruction, chances are you have a failed pump. A quick solution is to buy a new drain pump like we did and replace it.

Check Drive Belt 

The drive belt operates the drain pump motor. And if the belt is broken or loose, the Samsung washer will have difficulty draining water. The belt can also make loud squealing noises with a burning smell. 

Before inspecting the belt, ensure you have unplugged the washer from the power box and water supply to avoid electrocution.

To diagnose the belt, open the access panel by removing the back cover. Once you find the belt check its tension. Press in the middle to see if it deflects more than one-half inch. Inspect for signs of cracks, frayed edges, or excessive wear. A belt that is loose or worn needs to be replaced.

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