Samsung washer code 5C

Samsung Washer Code 5C [Fixed]

Last week we got a Samsung washer code 5C. 

And from what I gathered, we had drainage issues. 


We figured that a blocked pump filter or a clogged drain hose might have triggered the issues. 

The truth is…

It took us a while to fix the Samsung washer code 5c. We had to buy a new drain hose to replace the old ones. 

And in this article, I want to share with you how you can do a proper diagnosis and fix the Samsung washer code 5C. But first…

What Does 5C Code Mean on Samsung Washer?

The 5C error on a Samsung washer means the washer is experiencing drainage issues. The 5C sometimes appears as SC to most people. Error 5C is also known as error 5E on other Samsung washer models.

Don’t worry because the error code means the same things: 

Drainage problem. 

The cause for the Samsung washer code 5C is a blocked filter, kinked drain hose, or blocked drain pump that prevents water from drainage.

The four tell-tale signs that you need to confirm are:

  • The washer takes too long to drain water at the end of the cycle.
  • The washer stops mid-cycle when there’’ water in the drum
  • Sometimes your laundry will still be wet at the end of the cycle
  • The machine will be noisy or vibrate too much

Anytime you see a 5C error code, it will always be accompanied by the four signs and symptoms above. 

Those are sure signs that you are experiencing a 5C code error and your washer is facing drainage issues.

At times a Samsung washer can generate a false alarm which triggers an SC error code. To be sure that you have a true alarm, confirm the following:

  • Disconnect the Samsung washer from the electrical outlet
  • Give your washer 10 to 20 minutes to clear the error.
  • Connect the Samsung washer again to the power supply
  • Start the wash cycle again.

If the error persists, then it is a sign that you need to go ahead and diagnose the washer. Would it sound like a bad idea if you checked this error too?


Hot water in the washer may burn your hands because it can melt the washer’s plastic parts. 

Give your washer at least one or two hours for the washer to cool before doing any troubleshooting or diagnosing the washer.

How Do I Fix 5C Code on Samsung Washer?

Clean the Pump Filter

The drain pump is vital because it pumps water out of the drum. 

Most importantly, it protects the pump when it filters the water draining away from the drum. 

The pump filter is found at the bottom on the back side of the Samsung washer. Since the filter collects dirt, lint, and debris from clothes, it can be blocked, triggering Samsung washer code 5C. 

When the pump filter is blocked, the Samsung washer will fail to function until you fix the problem. 

Even though water will pass, it may take time to pass when you have too much dirt and lint buildup.

And the result?

The Samsung washer won’t drain water well. Here’s the diagnostic procedure to follow:

Step 1: Find the small access door at the bottom of the Samsung washer.

Step 2: Get a bucket and towel to collect water and wipe out water that spews on the floor.

Step 3: Open the small access door at the bottom. You can press hard or use a coin to open it. You’ll see the emergency drain hose pipe and the pump filter when opened.

Step 4: Remove the emergency drain pipe and point the spout to the bucket to let the water out. When finished, return the emergency drain pipe to its previous position.

Step 5: Open the drain pump filter and remove any lint, dirt, and debris. Next, wash it with clean water. I recommend you wash the filter in your kitchen sink, so it’s spotless.

Step 6: Reinstall the drain pump filter and test the Samsung washer again.

Clean the Drain Hose

If you still receive the Samsung washer code 5C after fixing the drain pump filter, chances are you have a blocked drain hose. 

The function of the drain hose is to carry water out of the washer while the hot and cold water supply water into the machine. Like the drain pump filter, the drain hose is also found at the back of the Samsung washer.

Like the drain pump filter, the hose can become blocked with dirt, foreign objects, and lints. 

For example:

The filter can fail to catch the dirt, which eventually gets trapped in the drain hose. Or something external might have blocked the end of the hose. 

Either way, a blockage will trigger a 5C error code to appear.

To solve this, remove anything that’s blocking the drain hose. Follow the above instructions to access the drain hose through the back panel. 

Next, detach the hose and clean it with water and vinegar. Alternatively, you can use a garden hose like this one to flush it out. Later on, reattach the drain hose and test the Samsung washer again.

Check if the drain hose is kinked.

It won’t surprise you to realize that sometimes you don’t have a blockage in the hose. However, the hose is kinked. 

Remember this: 

The drain hose is flexible. With enough pressure from the wall, the drain hose can be kinked. A kinked drain hose fails to let water flow out, triggering the Samsung washer 5C code.

The situation is common, especially when the Samsung washer is pushed too close to the wall. Heavy objects also fall on the drain hose causing it to pinch. 

Solving the problem is easy because all you have to do is inspect the length of the hose for signs of kinks. If the drain hose is in bad shape, you can get a new one.

How to Clear the 5C/SC Error Code?

If you want to clear the 5C error code, you must follow the instructions we have laid out above. Next, you’ll have to restart the washer. 

Follow these directions to clear the code:

Step 1: Disconnect the Samsung washer from the power outlet. That refers to unplugging the washer from the socket.

Step 2: Wait for two or three months.

Step 3: Connect the Samsung washer to the socket and start the cycle.

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