Samsung Washer Error Code SE

How To Fix Samsung Washer Error Code SE

I fixed the Samsung washer error code SE.

A while back I couldn’t do it because of one simple reason:

I lacked the knowledge of diagnosing the drain pump, drain hose filter, and level of the washer.

In fact:

I spend $300 buying the parts and calling a service technician to come and assist me.

The Samsung washer error code SE or 5E signals drainage problems. I inspected the filter and the hose.

They all checked out fine. 

This got me thinking:

“How comes I haven’t checked the drain pump and the washing machine level?’’

That’s when I noticed my washer wasn’t at the correct level and I had a faulty drain pump.

And I’ll recommend you read the whole article to understand exactly what I mean and how I fixed Samsung washer error code 5E.

What Does SE Mean on A Samsung Washer Machine?

SE or 5E error code on a Samsung washer means drain error. 

In other words:

The washer won’t drain water, or the water is draining slowly. And the Samsung washer error code SE will occur frequently if you don’t take care of your washer.

But I can tell you from experience the Samsung washer will make a lot of sounds if the water fails to drain within 15 minutes.

Specifically, if the error is associated with clogged drain pump filters and faulty drain pumps.

A good washer must let water in and out.


The Samsung washer error code 5E is not an error you can take lightly.

And here’s why?

The error can prevent you from washing your clothes. In fact, you’ll only wash when you have fixed the Samsung washer error code SE. And here are the tell-tale signs that you have an SE error code are:

  • The washer takes a long to drain the water.
  • The Samsung washer stops in the middle of the cycle.
  • Water is left behind the drum.

At this point, you should reset the Samsung washer to know if you have a genuine error or a false alarm. Here’s how the process goes:

  • Disconnect the Samsung washer from the power socket to avoid electrocution.
  • Leave the washer alone for 15 minutes. The  Samsung washer will try to get rid of any electrical charge it is holding.
  • When the time elapses, plug back the washer and try to run a small circle.

As someone who has fixed Samsung error codes before, I can tell you one simple truth:

Samsung washers can have a false error due to an electrical malfunction. And they can be solved by resetting. 

If your washer is still flushing out the Samsung washer error code SE, that’s where the next section comes into play.

How Do I Fix My Samsung Washer SE Error

Correct the Washing Machine Level

The Samsung washer has to be at the correct level. 

That said:

Gravity is vital in helping the water drain. And it is only possible when you have the drain pump in the correct position. 

To be clear:

Your washer might not be at the right level for two reasons:

  • The washer is placed on a surface that’s not flat
  • The legs of the washer have not been adjusted well.

The solution here is straightforward. Ensure your washer is placed on a floor that has a perfect level. You can move the washer to another room if the level is not flat. 

That was the first thing.

Second, adjust the washer’s legs to ensure they are balanced. Use a spirit level to adjust perfectly.

Adjustments start with using short legs. And for a good reason:

  • Are more stable
  • Shake less
  • And they can’t break.

Let’s get started…

Start with laying a spirit level on top of the washer to ensure that the level is flat and not curved. Check the bubble to see if it’s at the center.

Your Samsung washer is not level if it’s not at the center. 

And if your Samsung washer came with metal legs, check at the base to find the locking nut. 


Adjust the wrench to fit snugly against the nut and turn it clockwise until it slides down the leg. Keep making adjustments until all the washer’s legs are balanced. 

Finally, when the washer is leveled, use anti-vibration pads to reduce the noise and shake. 

Remove Clogs from the Filter

The filter is found at the front of the washer. 

Its role is to catch dirt, debris, and foreign objects from the water. 

Cleaning the filter every month is vital.

Here’s why:

It remains free from lint and dirt accumulation which prevents the washer from draining water.

So, dirt accumulation triggers Samsung washer error 5E. Fixing the problem is easy. Here are the steps you have to take:

  • Open the small back panel on your Samsung washer to access the filter.
  • Have a rug and bucket on the floor to collect water that may come out of the filter.
  • Twist the drain filter to open and remove it. Pick any dirt using a tweezer that may be trapped inside the filter.
  • Soak the filter in Vinegar water for 5 minutes. Then clean it before putting it back in the washer.

You might be wondering:

Is vinegar the only cleaning agent you can use? I have also seen great results with this product.

Tip #1: About Cleaning the Drain filter

Clean the drain hose filter every two months to avoid clogs and smelly drainage. 


To keep the Samsung washer in excellent condition. 

After cleaning, run the washer on a short cycle to ensure you have no leaks and the filter is secured. Once you are sure the drain hose filter is okay, you can go back to using your washer. 

And the best part?

Doing so often prevents the occurrence of Samsung washer error code 5E. Apart from Affresh detergents, use this lint remover to remove tiny fabrics that may be stuck on the drain hose filter. It works wonders.

Repair the Drain Pump

The drain pump is found at the bottom of the Samsung washer. 

It removes water outside the drum and through the drain hose. The drain pump only triggers the SE error code in two ways:

  • When it’s damaged internally 
  • When it’s jammed with foreign objects.

Those two issues make the Samsung washer fail to drain water and trigger the Samsung washer error code 5E. 

Solving requires access to the back panel of the Samsung washer. Here’s what I did:

  • Remove the washer from the power outlet and water supply line
  • If you have a front loader, remove the back panel. Next, lay the washer on the front to access the drain pump.
  • Remove the drain pump from the wire connector.
  • Inspect the wire harness on the drain pump. The wire harness needs to be in the proper condition without visible damage.
  • Get pliers to remove the clamps that hold the drain hose and remove it.
  • Using a 5/16-inch socket remove the screws holding the drain pump.
  • Remove the drain pump and check it for damage or obstructions.

If the pump is free from damage and obstructions, it fails electronically. Use a multimeter to know if the drain pump motor has continuity. If there’s no resistance, you’ll have to replace the pump with an OEM part.

In summary, the SE error code in a Samsung washer shouldn’t be an issue, especially if you have followed all the above steps. 

Any person can fix the error if they follow the guidelines. Doing regular maintenance on your washer will extend its lifetime.

Our guideline above is applicable to the following models below. 592-49045, 592-49075, 592-49082, 592-49087, WF203ANSXAX, WF206ANSXAA, WF206ANSXAC, WF206BNWXAC, WF210ANWXAA, WF218ANBXAA, WF218ANWXAA, WF219ANBXAA, WF219ANWXAA, WF220ANWXAA, WF328AAGXAA, WF328AARXAA, WF328AAWXAA, WF330ANWXAA, WF340ANGXAC, WF340ANRXAC, WF350ANWXAA.

We hope this article helped you fix Samsung washer error code SE.

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