Samsung Washer UB Code

Samsung Washer UB Code [Quick Fixes]

I’ll be honest with you:

When my washer flushed the Samsung washer UB code, I had no idea what it was.

So I hired a random technician to repair it.


Needless to say, the washer didn’t work, and he charged a lot.

That’s when I decided to take things into my own hands and repair the washer.

It took ten long hours, but I eventually knew how to repair the UB code on the Samsung washer.

And thanks to my tactics, I now repair appliances for people.

Let’s get into how you can fix the Samsung washer UB code.

What Does UB Mean on My Samsung Washer?

UB error code means your Samsung washer is not balanced. 

And that prevents the washer from going to a spin cycle. The result is you get the Samsung washer ub code. 

So your washer won’t be used until you rebalance the Samsung washer. The onset of the Samsung washer UB code makes the washer noisy, thumbing and jumping. 

And the worst is….

….it causes serious damage to the washer’s component when it spins.

In most cases, balancing issues usually don’t mean the washer has a mechanical failure. 

Therefore, this is something you can fix very fast. An unbalanced load causes the laundry to move the washer’s basket unevenly when it spins and bangs the outer tub. Samsung washer UB code and Samsung washer DC code are related.

How Do I Fix My Samsung Washer Error UB?

Level The Legs of your Washer

You can level the Samsung washer by adjusting the legs and installing anti-vibration pads under the washer’s feet. 

When adjusting, ensure that the legs are as short as possible. Short legs have the following advantages: 

  • More stable
  • Shake less
  • And are less likely to break. 

(almost all the washers come with their legs retracted). 

Therefore, lengthening them will level the Samsung washer. 

Start by laying the spirit level to ensure the level is placed on a flat area. 

Confirm if the bubbles are at the center. If not, then you have to ensure everything is leveled.

If your Samsung washer has metal legs, it has a locking nut at the base. Use a wrench to loosen those nuts. 

Continue adjusting the wrench until the jaws fit well against the nut. Then you’ll have to turn the nut clockwise until the legs are leveled and the washer balanced.

Most Samsung washers have self-leveling legs, and sometimes they get stuck.

Therefore lift your Samsung washer a bit one inch and loosen the legs so they can self-level.

Anti-vibration pads

When leveling the washer, use anti-vibration pads to limit the noise and shake. Start by lifting one corner and sliding the pad under the foot. 

Then you’ll mark the pad location. Then you’ll have to stick the washer pad’s adhesive to the floor. Next, apply primer to the pads, press onto the disease, and finally, put the machine back into place.

Balancing the Load

If your Samsung flushes the Samsung washer UB code sometimes, then the issue lies with the load distribution. Some loads, although equal in weight, ‘re unequal in wet.

For example:

Towels and shirts have almost the same weight when dry. 

However, towels absorb more water and become heavy when wet. 

Another example is if three towels are on the right side of the washer and three sheets are on the left side, the Samsung washer will be unbalanced.

Finally, your washer won’t have room to move clothes around if you overfill. And that will result in poorly washed clothes.

The solution:

Stop the washer during the spin cycle and redistribute the load to balance. You may have to remove some items from the washers. 

If you have large loads, you’ll have to spread them into small loads. That way, you’ll be in a position to wash them. 

Here are a few pointers you need to keep in mind when balancing the load:

  • The load should not be more than ⅔ of the washer’s capacity to create more room for them to move around.
  • A load loss of  ⅓ of the washer’s capacity is considered small, and the weight won’t distribute evenly to create a good balance.
  • Sheets, towels, jeans, and lightweight items must be washed separately.
  • Never add socks or small items with large loads like sheets. Sheets create rockets, and small items get caught in the air pockets.
  • Wash medium loads and large loads alone.

Check the Suspension Road

The top-loading Samsung washer relies on suspension rods to rotate the drum and keep it balanced. They function like springs and keep the drum suspended. Suspension rods are prone to wear and tear due to long-term usage. 

Even if one fails, the rest of the rods will keep the drum rotating and suspended, although in a very unbalanced way. That is what triggers the Samsung washer UB error code.

If you have a new Samsung washer and are experiencing a Samsung washer UB code, it’s caused by shipping materials. Top-loading Samsung washers have shipping bolts installed at the bottom center of the washer.

In most cases, they have three shipping bolts, spaces, and metal clamps at the back of the washer. If your model has lots of shipping material, you’ll have to remove it. 

Check your Samsung installation material to ensure all your models have been removed. If you don’t remove the shipping materials, you’ll experience problems during the spin cycle.

If you have a worn-out or broken suspension rods, you need to replace them. You have to remove the external panel to see the damaged roads. When you open the washer, you’ll see the suspension rod in the corners, which means you will have to replace the damaged one.

One fault no one talks about in the appliance forum relates to some Samsung washer tubs being suspended on rods with a white ball joint and the spring in the end. The grease dries at the ball joint stocks on the rod. 

Therefore, when the spin cycle starts, another suspension absorbs the energy of weight shifting while the stuck rod leaves it in the tub, causing the bouncing of the machines. 

The solution is to remove it, free the joint with force, and clean and grease. You may also grease all the suspension rods or replace them.

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