Whirlpool F11 Error Code

Whirlpool Duet F11 Error Code [Quick Fixes]

I have a Whirlpool duet sport model W8300Swo2 that shows an F11 error code in every wash. I have been using the unit for my laundromat for five years. At first, the Whirlpool F11 error code was manageable because I could work on it through. Now, it’s a royal pain that happens after each wash.

I decided to run through diagnostic tests with the motor central unit (MCU) and the central control unit (CCU). I ordered these two parts, and I was able to fix the issues. However, I did return to the MCU because it wasn’t the problem. The good news is that I can assist you in fixing the issues. That means you’ll save the cost of calling a service technician.

What Does  F11 Mean on a Whirlpool Duet Washer?

The F11 error code means there’s a communication problem between the motor control unit (MCU) and the central control unit (CCU). Rarely does error F11 occur in Whirlpool washers? At high humidity, the content of the washer will oxidize with time which makes its bond deteriorate. Drum rotation at high speed causes wiring connection issues. The problem can be magnified further when homeowners don’t load the laundry correctly to expedite vibrations. So oxidation and vibration will affect the boarding of the Whirlpool washer elements. And this will trigger error code F11 on the Whirlpool washer screen.

It’s the worst error you can ever have for two reasons: You’ll have to two order both parts which cost $250 each. You can’t know right away which part has failed and if you add the cost of having a technician look into it, it becomes super expensive. It may not be worth paying $500 for the parts and another $200 for a technician.

The good news is you can fix an error like this. First, you’ll have to do a hard reset. It will show you whether you have a mirror issue or a severe one. Follow this instruction for a hard reset:

  • Unplug the washer from the socket (power outlet) and water supply.
  • Wait for ten minutes to fifteen minutes.
  • Plug the washer back into the power and press the start.

If the washer works normally, then it is a minor issue. If the washer displays an F11 error code, you’ll have to diagnose and fix the problem. Here are other Whirlpool duet washer error codes.

How Do I Fix the F11 Code On My Whirlpool Duet Washer?

I want you to understand that CCU, MCU, the connectors between them, and the wiring are responsible for the F11 error code. So diagnosis begins by checking each one of them.

Central Control Unit

The washer’s functions are controlled and managed by the Central Control  Unit/board. If the error happens for the first time, the central board is the first place to diagnose it. Any issues with the board signal your washer is compromised. If this part fails, the motor control panel has also failed. 

You’ll have to disassemble the whirlpool washer and inspect the central control unit to diagnose the issue. Check for defects, black traces, burnout elements, dirt, or debris, which indicate that the central control unit is faulty.

While doing so, check if the wiring between the CCU and the MCU is working fine. Check for loose wiring and burnt wires, or perform continuity tests using a multimeter to ensure that the current flows fine. 

With careful testing of the board and its wire connectors, you’ll be in a position to identify the cause of the F11 error code. If the cause is the control board, you’ll have to purchase a new one and replace the old one. Here are the symptoms that are associated with  the central control unit:

  • Intermittent F11
  • The cycle can complete sometimes
  • The drum spins before the error
  • Strike the top washer sometimes to fix the error.

Faulty Motor Control Unit

The motor central unit controls the speed at which the washer rotates. Without it, the drum won’t rotate, and you’ll see the F11 error code appear immediately when the washer starts to cycle. When you lock the door on the whirlpool duet washer, water fills, and then nothing happens. That states that you have a faulty motor central board. To solve this, you’ll have to replace the motor control unit. The symptoms of a faulty motor central are always three:

  • F11 happens a few minutes after you begin the cycle
  • The drum won’t spin on any cycle
  • The door locks and the water start, but nothing happens.

If you replace both the central control unit and motor control unit and the error persists, you have an issue with the wiring harness connections. Use a multimeter to test the wire between them for damage. The solution is to replace those wires or the entire wiring harness for the Whirlpool duet washers.

Damaged Drive System and Motor

The drive motor spins the drum, and the drive system connects it to the drum. If the motor or the system is damaged or old, the washer won’t spin, and it will trigger the F11 error code. The motor and the drive system are also parts that will need you to replace.

Poor Communication Between the Drive Motor and the Motor Central Board

F11 error code can be triggered with poor Communication between the drive and motor and motor control board. It happens because the wiring harness and its connectors are compromised. 

In other words, these parts might have been broken, worn out, or damaged because of high moisture and humidity levels causing oxidation. If your washer vibrates too much, it can make those parts come out, and it happens when you don’t load the washer properly. 

F11 error can also happen intermittently because of loose wires. That said, make sure you check the wiring harness and its connections. You may have to replace it if you find any fault.


If you can’t fix the F11 error code, you may have to call a technician to help you repair it. Bear in mind that the technician will still ask you to buy the motor central unit and the central unit. 

That way, they will be able to fix the issues if they detect a problem. I hope with these instructions; you can fix the issues. Let me know in the comment below if you experience any challenges.

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