Whirlpool Error Code F08 E01

Whirlpool Error Code F08 E01 [How To Fix]

I fixed the whirlpool error code F08 E01.

(Without the help of a serviceman).

My secret?

I cleared the air domes and replaced the water level sensor. I also checked specification sheet #7 to ensure that connector J was inserted. (More on this later). After two hours of diagnosing and replacing the faulty parts, my whirlpool duet washer is now filling with water and working.

I couldn’t be happier knowing that I saved $200 on a service call. And in this article, I’m going to show you how to fix the Whirlpool duet washer error code F08 E01 using my tactics.

What Does F08 E01 Mean on a Whirlpool Washer?

The F08 E01 error code means your washer lacks water, and it takes more than six minutes to fill up. The causes of this error are too much laundry, faulty water pressure sensor, low pressure in the house, open try, etc.

And the best part?

You can fix the Whirlpool error code if you follow every step that’ll share with you. 


You have to reset the Whirlpool duet washer. Resetting helps you know whether you have a false alarm or a severe issue. I learned the hard way. At one time, I went on replacing four parts in my whirlpool washer without doing a reset to know if it was genuine issue.

And the result?

I spent a lot of money on the parts that were not the issues. I came to know the main source of the problem when I called a repairman. Here’s how to reset the whirlpool washer.

  • Remove the main power supply from the washer.
  • Wait for ten minutes
  • Put the washer on and start the cycle.

Fact is:

Sometimes the Whirlpool washer can experience a slight mechanical problem that can be solved through resetting. After resetting, you shouldn’t expect the Whirlpool error code F08 E01 if it’s a false alarm.

However, if error F08 E01 on your whirlpool washer still pops out, you need to follow the steps below to diagnose the root cause of the problem. Here’s the service manual.

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How Do I Fix the F08 E01 Error Code on Whirlpool Washer?

Low water pressure


Lack of water in the Whirlpool duet washer can be attributed to low pressure in your house. Without a high enough water pressure, the whirlpool washer will detect the fault and abort the program, triggering Whirlpool error code F08 E01.

And if that doesn’t happen, your whirlpool washer will take a lot of time to fill. Low pressure increases washing time as it takes too much time to fill the drum.

Before we go any further:

Confirm if you have enough pressure in your house. Check if more faucets are running in your home. These include open sinks, open taps, open showers, etc.

The more faucets run, the less water your washer will have. If another person is using the water in your home, ask them to close the taps.

A washer needs at least ten psi of water pressure to be fully operational. Suppose you have less than that; you’ll have lots of drainage issues-including a lack of water in the tub. If you live in areas that experience a low-pressure level, get yourself a water pressure booster like this one to draw enough pressure.

Before that:

Ensure the water supply line to your home isn’t clogged. Call the plumber to come and confirm for you. Sometimes clogged water lines cause a lack of water in the tub.

Correct the Drain Hose Position

correct drain hose position
correct drain hose position

I did check the drain hose position, and you should check too. The hose has to be thirty-one inches above the floor. It needs to be raised but not more than 8 feet long. 

And for good reasons?

To eliminate the need for siphoning and ensure you have water in the drum.

Hot Tip:

An automatic washer requires a water flow of about 20 liters per minute at a minimum of 1.0m (3.28 feet) above the top of the washer.

Your drain pump also has to be thirty inches high so that no water is siphoned. You may need to build a standpipe. Remember to install a P-strap into the pipe. You’ll want a two-inch diameter pipe straight up 18″ to 42″ long from the P-strap.

Then you’ll have to put the washer drain into the top of the standpipe as described. A correct drain hose position will allow continuous water flow into the washer’s tub.

Clogged Valve Screen

The water inlet valve has screens that filter debris and dirt inside the whirlpool washer. With time, dirt, debris, and foreign objects accumulate in the valve screen, blocking water from getting in and out of the washer.

But that’s not all.

The blockage develops mildew and triggers a Whirlpool error code F08 E01 whenever you start the cycle.

And the good news:

You can repair the valves without a plumber. Here’s  how to do that:

  • Step 1: Remove the water inlet valve from the whirlpool washer. Before that, ensure that you have unplugged the washer from the socket.
  • Step 2: Using pliers unscrew the valves from the whirlpool washer behind. Have a rug and bucket to collect any water that spills.
  • Step 3: Switch off the water outlet and turn the knob clockwise.
  • Step 4: Using needle-nose pliers, remove the inlet valve screens. Check if the inlet screen has debris, dirt or clogs.
  • Step 5: Remove any dirt using a brush and then soak the screen in vinegar water to loosen the clogs.
  • Step 6: Once clean, allow the inlet valve screen to dry. Then you’ll have to put it back in the whirlpool washer and reattach everything back. Reset the washer and start the cycle.

If you have clogged inlet valve screens, the six steps will clear whirlpool F08 E01 error codes. Alternatively, you can also buy a new water inlet valve if you don’t want to clean the clogs. If you are still getting the error, you have to check the solenoid.

Faulty Water Inlet Valve Solenoid

The purpose of the water inlet valve is to connect the Whirlpool washer with both cold and hot water. Its solenoid is responsible for opening and closing the valve to allow the proper flow of water at the correct temperature.

That said:

If the solenoid is faulty, you’ll have no water getting into the tub, and it will trigger the Whirlpool error code F08 E01 or shut off the washer.

If the filter screen is free from dirt, checking the solenoid would be the next step. Before you diagnose it, unplug the washer from the socket and follow the next instruction below.

Step 1: Pull the whirlpool washer from the wall to access the back panel.

Step 2: Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, pull the connectors from the coil.

Step 3: Inspect if the coil has corrosion or rust. Suppose they are corrosion or rust. If they are corroded, buy either a new solenoid or water inlet valve.

Step 4: Set the ohmmeter to RX1 and place its probe to the terminals. A zero reading or infinity tells you that the water inlet valve or solenoid needs to be replaced.

Check the Water Pressure Switch

A whirlpool duet washer has a water pressure switch that determines how much water goes into the tub. Besides, it also detects overfilling.

The switch also channels the electricity from the timer control to the temperature switch and water inlet valve when the tub is full. Check their domes to find out if you have a faulty water pressure switch.

As it turns out:

I had to free my air domes from kinks and blockage that could trigger F08 E01 on my whirlpool duet washer. Later on, I adjusted the ohmmeter to RX1 to test the resistance of the water pressure switch. I wanted to check if the water pressure switch is faulty.

And the result?

No continuity. I tested the three terminals, and they all showed no resistance. That’s how I knew the problem might be the water pressure switch. I bought a new water pressure sensor, replacing the old one.

Then I reset my Whirlpool duet washer and ran a small cycle to see if the machine worked. The machine worked after the reset. Follow the instructions from the top to fix the error you have, and let me know how it goes in the comment.

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