Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Code E01F06

Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Code E01F06: What I Know So Far

I didn’t believe it when I fixed the Whirlpool duet washer error code E1F6 for two reasons.

One, motherboard failures are difficult to diagnose and troubleshoot, and most repair technicians shy away from repairing them. Two, I spent less time repairing the whirlpool duet washer (just checking the right parts, without diagnosing every part in my whirlpool duet washer. 

The best part? 

I saved hundreds of dollars on a service call. Error code E1F6 on a whirlpool duet washer is not a simple error. In the article, I’ve broken it down the article into three parts:

  • What the error means
  • How to diagnose and troubleshoot the error,
  • Where to get the parts for replacement.

First, let us understand what E01F06 means on a whirlpool duet washer.

Let’s talk about that next.

What Do E1 and F6 Mean on My Whirlpool Duet Washer?

E01 and F06 error codes on a Whirlpool duet washer mean serial communication issues between the MCU and CCU. 

There’s a bad connection between the two boards. The causes are three. One is a faulty motor control unit/board (MCU). Two, it is a loose wiring harness connection. Three, it is a software glitch. Four is an overloading of the Whirlpool duet washer. Fifth is the power surge.

First, rule out any possible software glitches and power surge issues. Here’s how to do that.

  • Step one, press the pause/cancel button on the whirlpool duet washer to cancel the code E1F6.
  • Step two, remove the whirlpool duet washer from the power socket.
  • Step three, wait for 5 to 10 minutes for the whirlpool duet washer to connect the error codes.
  • Step four, plug the washer back into the power socket.
  • Step five, press three keys except the power button to put the whirlpool washer into diagnostic mode. Ensure you press the same keys in the same order. Once the whirlpool duet washer is in diagnostic mode, it will show 888 on the screen.
  • Step six, when pressing and releasing the second button you choose above, choose an express test.
  • Step seven, once the LED lights blink, press the start button to launch a test. If the e1f6 code returns, the issue has not been resolved, and you’ll have to troubleshoot the washer again.

From here, you’ll have to access the MCU and CCU, and you’ll need a ¼-inch socket or nut driver and a flathead screwdriver. 

When operating the whirlpool duet washer, disconnect it from the power supply to protect yourself from electrocution. To protect yourself from cuts, you need to wear appliance repair gloves.

How to Fix  the Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Code E01F06?

Inspect the Wiring Harness/Connection

The CCU in a whirlpool duet washer is found at the top, while the MCU is at the bottom of the washer.

Both devices are housed in an assembly of the washer. Once you find the wiring harness between the CCU and MCU, check the wire harness to see if it is secure. Also, check for signs of damage or wear. If the wire is damaged, you may need to replace it to resolve the e01f06 error code.

This serial communication error has one thing in common. 

A faulty circuit never causes it. 

Fine battle-hardened appliance technicians have been perplexed by this code and soiled their undies, throwing every control board at the washer. The error code is just the way it is stated, a communication error/bad connection between MCU and CCU.

Although you’ll hear guys swear it was a fault board because they replaced it, it worked, but it’s not. In 99.9999% of most cases, the board works fine, but the problem is the connection.

Let me explain.

All the whirlpool washer boards are connected using serial communication cables. Information through these boards is checked and verified through the handshaking process. If an error occurs in the process of passing information, the CCU will trigger the E1F6 error on the whirlpool duet washer.

Many things can cause this error depending on the condition of the whirlpool because the washer has to work in vibration, moisture, humidity, heat, etc. 

It will take a loose connection on the wiring harness or an oxidized pad on the board before the whirlpool duet washer throws out an e1f6 error.

Remember this. It does” have to be a broken connection, even a low signal-to-noise ratio which the board won’t tell whether it is a signal or noise.

To fix the serial communication error in the whirlpool duet washer, the silver bullet is to check the wiring connection point where the Molex connector connects the boards at either end. The results you get are only two:

  • Either the wires are loose
  • Or, the pads on the board are oxidized.

Inspect the MCU for Damage

The roles of the motor control unit (MCU) are two. 

  • One is to monitor the speed of the washer. 
  • Two, to receive signals from the central control unit/main board and activate the motor. 

It ensures the communication between the main board and motor is working okay. Therefore, any communication problems mean the motor won’t receive the signal to communicate, the washer fails to spin, and you’ll receive the e1f6 error code on a whirlpool duet washer.

The board fails for three reasons. 

Reason#1 too much heat or moisture. 

Reason#2 a manufacturing defect. 

Reason#3: user control, display board, or control panel board fails. 

If the whirlpool duet washer buttons work well, the problem lies with the user control and display boards. To resolve this, you need to check the board for signs of burning or damaged wires. If the whirlpool duet washer has burn marks, the MCU is defective, and you will need to get a new one. We recommend buying a new MCU from here. To replace the MCU, follow these instructions.

  • Disconnect the power from the socket
  • Remove the rear access panel of the whirlpool duet washer. 
  • Find the MCU assembly box at the back right corner of the whirlpool duet washer.
  • Take photos and label each wire for reconnecting later.
  • Lift the tabs at the bottom of the MCU using a slotted screwdriver
  • Remove the motor board from the Whirlpool duet washer
  • Install the new MCU and follow those steps in reverse order.


You can test the motor board using a multimeter. But testing this board is best left to trained appliance technicians because the wiring may differ, and the washer’s power needs to be on, which can electrocute you.

Inspect the CCU for Damage

Check the central board if the pads on the motor board are not oxidized. CCU is difficult to test using a multimeter. The closest you can get is visually inspecting and testing every component of the boards, such as the capacitors, transitions, resistors, MOSFET, diodes, relay, timer, IC, transformer, etc. If you notice any burn marks or damage, you’ll need to replace the board or buy a new washer. We recommend you get a new board from here.

Replacing the board is expensive, and it pays to have a technician check it before you buy a new one. Here are the steps you need to follow to replace the main board.

  • Disconnect the whirlpool duet washer from the power cables
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the top panel from the whirlpool duet washer
  • Using a slotted screwdriver, release the locking tab that holds the control board
  • Using a slotted screwdriver, release the wire cover to see the wire connection
  • Take a picture of how the wires are connected.
  • Remove the control  board wires and remove the board
  • Install the new board and put everything back in reverse order.


CCU and MCU are difficult for appliance repairs without proper washer repair training. You need to have an appliance check before getting a new board.

How to Prevent the F6E1 Whirlpool Duet Washer

  • Balance your whirlpool duet washer. If you overload the washer, you won’t have enough space between the laundry and the lid of the washer to spin clothes.
  • Keep the washer clean. Link and debris build over time and cause issues leading to other codes like DC.
  • Update your washer’s software. This is vital for new whirlpool duet washers. Whirlpool is constantly releasing new updates to fix potential issues.
  • Power surges can damage the motor board of the washer. For one reason, I recommend you use a surge protector like lavamatic for your washing machine. It flashes specific lights to show you the amount of voltage the whirlpool duet washer is receiving to help you correct anything before any instability in the power supply damages the appliance.
  • Check the washer’s door seal for cracks and damage
  • Inspect the washer’s lint trap. Lint build-up can cause malfunctions.
  • The washer’s drive belt needs to be free of cracks and damage. A broken drive belt causes motor issues, especially with heavy laundry.

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