Samsung Washer DC Error Code

Samsung Washer DC Error Code [Fixes Guide]

I went to repair an 11-month washer that developed a Samsung Washer DC Error Code. The washer spins for 8 minutes and fills with water.

The load was balanced, and the leveling on the ground was okay. I figured there was something I was missing. I noticed the drum speeding up and slowing down, then flushing the DC error code. 

Doing my thorough diagnosing here and there, I realized that the problem was not the suspension rods. After long hours of troubleshooting, I realized the Samsung damper was the issue.

Proper diagnosing made me know that the damper was covered with oil which is a sign that it was multifunctional. 

We had to order a new damper kit and install it. The Samsung washer worked. I have laid out my troubleshooting guide for you to follow and fix the Samsung washer DC error code.

What Does DC Mean on A Samsung Washer?

DC error code means load imbalances in a Samsung washer. Load imbalances make the washer fail to spin because of too many or fewer clothes, a broken part, clothes piled on one side, and broken suspension rods. Signs of an unbalanced washer include failure to spin or drain and wet laundry that you can’t move to the dryer.

That error signals that you have to correct the imbalances before the washer can cause a lot of damage when it spins. Ensure that your washer is balanced to avoid damaging the interior part. You can also check out this article to learn how you can balance your washer.

How To Fix DC Error Code On A Samsung Washer

Balancing and Distributing the Laundry

Distribute the load in the laundry in the washer to fix the DC error code. Items that cause imbalances are bed sheets, comforters, towels, jeans, sweaters, jackets, sheets, etc.

For example:

Towels and comforters absorb a lot of water and become heavy. 

If you keep five towels on one side of the Samsung washer and four sheets on the other side, your washer will experience imbalances during the spin cycle.

Suppose the washer has too much water and doesn’t have enough room to move during the wash cycle. You’ll have poorly washed clothes, and your washer will be out of balance. The only way to fix this is to stop the Samsung washer and balance the load.

If you have towels, comforters, and other heavy clothes, move them around so that the weight is even. Ensure that oversized or bulky items aren’t caught up around the spin, which can get stuck and trigger the DC code.

If balancing fails to work, remove clothes from the washer. Maybe the weight is too much to allow the motor to move the spin. Don’t overstuff the washer with too much water and laundry as you distribute the load.

Level the Samsung Washer

A Samsung washer will vibrate, walk, leak, rock and fail to balance because it’s out of the level. Leveling the machine ensures it works well and wards off problems like a loose water hose and flooding the water. What’s worse is that when the DC error isn’t fixed, it can damage the internal components of a washer. 

Leveling a Samsung washer takes only a few minutes to set.

Dc error code is not the only thing responsible for imbalances; we also have rotted floor covering, imperfect subfloor or joists, and washers changing feet height over time. 

Before you start, you need to disconnect the washer fully. Disconnect the washer from the drain hose, water pipes, and power supply to avoid shock. After that, you’ll have to do the following:

  • Check the floor under the Samsung washer. Pull the washer forward until the area underneath is visible.
  • Check for loose anti-vibration pads. The Samsung washer needs four pads or no pads to remain level.
  • Inspect the flooring condition. Is the washer on a solid floor such as wood, laminator or file? The base must be stable and good to prevent the washer from imbalances. Your floor shouldn’t be rotted, moldy, saturated or cracked.
  • Repair the floor to remove and replace the poor subfloor. Alternatively, you can install ¾ -inch exterior- or marine-grade plywood on top of the finished flooring.
  • Check the Samsung washer level side by side and front to back. Your washer needs to be in position well to avoid future imbalances.
  • Assess whether all the Samsung washer legs are in excellent contact with the floor. If there are uneven feet, you’ll have to repair the floor and adjust it.

If, after doing all those, the Samsung washer still flushes the DC error code, you may need to check the suspension rods.

Check the Suspension Rods

The suspension rods in a Samsung washer support the tub and keep the washer stable. A broken suspension rod shakes and vibrates the washer. The more they shake, the more the washer moves. You’ll need to check the inside of the washer’s cabinet to find the rods and assess the damage.

Keep in mind that suspension rods aren’t the only thing that can make Samsung washers vibrate. You’ll also have to check the shock absorbers if they are broken.

If the suspension rod is damaged, you’ll have to replace it. The suspension rods are cheap. Here’s hope to replace the suspension rod:

  • Unplug the Samsung washer from the power circuit breaker. Disconnect the cold and hot water hoses and then drain the hose.
  • Use the ¼ inch driver to remove the upper screws which hold the hinges
  • Lift the lid on top of the washer and place it aside
  • Lift the suspension  rods to remove the bearings and bearing cap off
  • Remove the rod and hang them on the rear frame
  • With the suspension rod and bearings removed, lower the top of the Samsung washer back down
  • Lay the  Samsung washer on its back
  • With the Samsung washer laid down, remove the protective cover off and pull all four suspension rods.
  • Put the new suspension rods through the bottom of the Samsung washer and hook them to the frame.
  • Put the protective cover back and stand the washer back up.
  • Reattach everything in reverse order to put everything back.
  • Test the new load to see if you still experience the error.

You can get a new Suspension rod here.

Check Samsung Washer Damper or Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers moderate the vibration and shaking of your washer during the spin cycle. Most front loaders have two to four shock absorbers. Dampers are prone to wear and tear. With time they fail to perform their job well, and that’s where you’ll see the Samsung washer DC error code. 

There are lots of ways to diagnose  Samsung dampers. Shock absorbers start to fail when they become detached, break, or leak lubricant. Unrepaired dampers can cause the washer’s internal parts to get damaged. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Switch the Samsung washer to the power and water outlet.
  • Remove the base plate. Some Samsung washers may not have a base plate, making it easier for you to access the shock absorber.
  • Lower the washer down onto the sides
  • While accessing the damper, check if it’s looser or detached, you can reattach it to resolve the issue.
  • Check for leaks. Check if the absorbers are covered in oil or leaking a puddle of oil. The presence of covered oil means that your shock absorbers are not functional, and you’ll have to get a new one. A damper relies on the fluid to absorb the spin cycle vibrations. A leak means the damper can’t transfer the force into the fluids.
  • Check to see if the shock absorbers are broken. They break due to old age or the washer’s uneven feet. If you find any breakage, you’ll have to replace the damper.

You can get a new Samsung washer damper from here.

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