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LG Washer SE Error Code: A Service Technician Guide

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I had an LG washer mega capacity top loader that got an SE error code. The washer worked for three cycles before displaying LG washer code SE.
I called for service and they informed me of $160 per visit. That price applied to labor alone. The control board unit and motor hall sensor were $100 and $20 respectively. That said, I was looking to spend $280.
Instead of calling a service technician, I ordered the parts and repaired the washer. In other words, I saved $160 in repair costs. That’s how I managed to fix error code SE. Before I dive into my hacks, let’s look at the definition and the causes of the error.

What Does SE Mean on My LG Washer?

SE error means motor sensor error. It means the hall effect sensor can’t track the speed of the drum and relay data to the main controls board which adjusts the drum’s speed. The purpose of the hall sensor is to detect and monitor the drum’s speed.
When the sensor fails the washer won’t know how to spin fast the drum and this prevents the washer from doing its duties.
The cause of this is a faulty sensor, bad wiring, or even a faulty main control board. In my case, my washer had a faulty main control board and I had to replace it.
Before I went further to fix the error. I first had to troubleshoot to know if it is a temporary or permanent error. Here is the process I followed.

Step one: Turn off the power supply at the source and remove it from the socket.

Step two: Wait for three minutes.

Step three: Connect the washer again to the power supply

A temporary error will make the SE error code disappear. A permanent error will always return after several troubleshooting attempts. That’s a sign that you need to investigate the cause further. SE error code is not the only error you will find in an LG washing machine. The LG washer has numerous errors and you can find them here.

SE Error Code: Causes & Solution

Hail Sensor Faulty

The hail sensor is attached to the rear end of the drum’s exterior. Its aim is to measure the drum’s speed and relay the information to the main control board. After that, the washer adjusts the speed of the drum according to the program you choose.

A faulty sensor won’t sense or detect the drum’s speed. That means, the main control board won’t receive any data and the washer won’t know whether to turn the drum fast or slow. When that happens, the SE error code is displayed on the screen.

To fix the issue, ensure that the wire connectors are okay. Any loose connection will prevent it from sending the signals to the main control board. You can use a multimeter to be sure the sensor is working fine. If you have a faulty hall sensor you’ll have to replace the old one with a new one.

Wiring Problems

An LG washer has lots of wires tasked with performing a lot of functions. The connection between the main control board and the hail sensor can be loose or damaged.
When you have loose or damaged wires, you are likely going to see an SE error code on the LG washer. That said, the first thing you need to do is to inspect the wiring connections to see if you have loose or damaged wires.
You can use a multimeter for that. If you find any faulty wires, you will have to replace them.

Faulty Main Control Board

The main control board carries out the function of the entire LG washer. It also has lots of tiny components which assist the motor and sensor to work well. And the main cause of failure is excessive wear or electrical fault.
For instance, an old washer could stop working because of wear. Also, an electric failure like a power surge can damage the tiny components of the control board. When that happens, the old LG washer will display an SE error code.
If you have found the root cause of the problem. You need to take a photo of all electrical connectors before removing them. That will make it easier to replace them when you install a new part. It is difficult to repair the main control board. Therefore, you will have to buy the parts on Amazon to replace it.

SE Error Code: How to Reset LG Washer & Clear the Code

After replacing the LG parts the next thing you need to do is reset the washer. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step One: Turn the machine off at the power source. It involves removing the plug at the socket or shutting off the dedicated circuit breaker.

Step Two: Press and hold the start button for six seconds.

Step Three: Connect the LG washer again to the power source

When you do that, you’ll notice that the SE code has been cleared.

SE Error Code: What I Learnt as Service Technician

That’s how I was able to fix the SE error code. If you are not a service technician and you are experiencing this problem for the first time. It can scare you.
SE error code is common in most LG washing machines, especially the old models. You have realized that most of the parts can’t be repaired. That means, for you to fix most of these errors it means you have to buy the parts.
A service technician will insist that you buy every spare part before they can fix the error. That means, if you are handy you can fix the parts and save hundreds of dollars in repair costs.
Alternatively, if your old models keep on showing you most of the LG errors. It means you need a new washer. I hope this article helped you understand how you can fix error code SE. If you are still getting the error even after comment below so that I can know how I can best assist you to fix the error.

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